Ribbon Embellishment A Strong Fashion Trend

Flower Ribbon Ruffle

Excerpted from Five Easy Steps for a Fabulous Ribbon Embellishment Project—November 12, 2010

Ribbon embellishment has been a strong fashion and home decor trend for a while now, from embellished T-shirts to textured pillows. It’s a great way to dress up a simple project, and it is so easy to do! Try this fun ribbon ruffle technique, which can be used on a pillow as shown, or you can make it smaller and use it as an accent on a T-shirt or purse.


The Chrysanthemum Pillow
from the Spring 2009 issue of

Start with a wide ribbon (at least 1" [2.5 cm] wide) that has some drape so it can be easily gathered. You can get different effects just by the type of ribbon fabric you choose.  For example, a shiny satin ribbon will give you a totally different look than a sheer organza ribbon. 


If you want a unique textured effect, try a ribbon yarn (like the one used on the pillow) or make your own ribbon out of fabric strips sewn together end to end. You could mix different fabrics from your stash, use the printed selvedge edges from fabric pieces, repurpose fabrics from vintage finds, or use a knit or felt fabric and leave the edges raw.


Once you have the ribbon, all you need is a handsewing needle, matching thread, and a fabric marking tool to outline your flower circle, then follow the simple Flower Ribbon Ruffle instructions from our first ever Sew Daily blog: Five Easy Steps for a Fabulous Ribbon Embellishment Project

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