Learn New Embellishment Techniques from Quilting Arts TV, Series 1000

Note from Amber: Embellishment is one of the most fascinating and beautiful sewing techniques. Below, Kristine Lundblad, Assistant Editor at  Quilting Arts Magazine introduces the newest segment of "Quilting Arts TV," Series 1000, and tells how you can learn more about embellishing:

Find lots of embellishment tips
in QATV-1000.

Beading, embroidery, and embellishment of cloth have been around since humans first picked up needle and thread. During a recent visit to a museum, I noticed examples of adorned clothing and household items from people of every culture. In this day and age, surface design and embellishment can be found on many art quilts as well.

In the 10th season of "Quilting Arts TV," hosted by Pokey Bolton, many guests share their knowledge of embellishment with viewers.

Needle felting is a technique of pushing fibers into fabric with a special barbed needle and can be done by machine or by hand. Michele Muska, as part of Episodes 1007 and 1009, demonstrates using a 12-needle felting machine to quickly and easily add varied fibers such as wool roving, silk, velvet, Angelina fiber, and more to her projects. She creates different textures by using these different fibers.

Rebecca Kemp Brent, in Episode 1010, uses needle felting by hand along with programmed machine embroidery in a technique based on redwork embroidery. It is also fascinating to see Rebecca use needle punch embroidery, a technique of working from the back of your motif with a special needle, to fill in outline embroidery.

Valori Wells shares many of the techniques sheincorporates in her quilts on Episode 1008. Along with stenciling and painting, Valori also uses hand embroidery a great deal. In this episode, she shows the power of relying on simple but effective stitches such as French knots, stem stitch, and satin stitch to enhance her project.

And in Episode 1007, Marlene Glickman shows stamping and surface design techniques including fusing foil onto a quilt as a stunning metallic accent.

A needle-felted and embellished
quilt by Michele Muska.

One thing is very clear from the work of these talented quilters: They have mastered and incorporated many of the techniques of yesterday and married them with the machines and materials of today to produce innovative creations.

I've learned so many new techniques from watching this season of "Quilting Arts TV" and I will incorporate them, along with the inspirations from my museum visit, into new work of my own. "Quilting Arts TV" showcases many talented artists using all sorts of techniques in their projects, not just embellishment.

I encourage you to add "Quilting Arts TV," Series 1000 to your library and try out a new embellishment technique or two.

Enjoy and happy creating!

Kristine Lundblad, Assistant Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine

P.S. What is your favorite embellishment technique? Tell us about it on the Sew Daily blog.  


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