Top Sewing Tip from the Sew Daily Archives: My Favorite Trick for Cutting Bias Strips

I was looking through the Sew Daily archives recently in search of some favorite sewing techniques, and saw that a post from early January 2012 was one of the most viewed to date. It's such a time-saving tip for bias strips that I had to share it again:

How to cut bias strips step 2
Step 2

How to cut bias strips step 3
Step 3

How to cut bias strips step 4 & 5
   Step 4 and 5

A brilliant method for cutting bias strips lickety-split

1. Cut a square of the fabric you want to use to make bias strips. I use the entire width of the fabric.

2. Fold the fabric in half, matching two opposite corners, like a napkin.

3. Bring each lower corner to the center, so that they are overlapping, and your fabric now resembles an envelope. 

 4. Fold the fabric in half again, bringing the right side to the left. Your fabric now looks like half of a house.

 5. Cut perpendicular to the last fold, cutting across in strips. When you unfold the strips, they will be on the bias. Tada!

I prefer to make my own bias strips, because when I use them as bindings or seam finishes they add a nice couture touch to a garment or project and often aren't as bulky as the store bought version.

FYI, the latest Stitch Workshop™ video, Secrets of Home Decor Sewing: Pillows, Cording, and Simple Patchwork Slipcovers, featuring frequent Stitch contributor Kevin Kosbab, is now available, and you'll find find plenty of great sewing projects to practice your new bias strip trick. Watch along as Kevin offers accessible sewing techniques and home accessory projects that promise to create a big design punch!

Do you have some favorite sewing techniques and tips? Let us in on your secrets in the comments below.

Happy stitching!

Amber Eden

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