Quick Gift Idea + Learn How To Attach Satin Binding The Easy Way

If you’re looking for something quick to make for loved ones, learn this satin blanket binding tutorial and make a great fleece blanket. Choose a fun print and you’re well on your way to a personalized gift in less than an hour.

I love choosing licensed fleece prints for sports lovers, movie goers and especially kids. There are so many prints available, often at a good discount. Look for super plush fleece if you don’t want it showing age with multiple washings. However, I find these blankets so easy to make (and my kids change their mind about what Disney character they love every other week), that I just make more when they wear out.

Satin blanket binding comes in an array of colors so you can easily match any fleece you choose. You’ll need two packages to make a good size blanket.

Attaching satin baby blanket binding can be a chore. The slick nature of the satin blanket binding sandwiched between plush fleece can tax even the most advanced sewer. Here are some tips for mitering corners, joining strips and finishing a blanket in no time.


  • 1 1/2 yards of fleece, selvages trimmed
  • 2 packages of pre-made satin blanket binding, pressed flat
  • all-purpose thread that matches the binding (I used Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP)
  • sewing machine (I used a Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic)


Find one end of one binding strip. (Notice that one long edge is shorter than the other. This is the edge you want to face you as you sew.)

Position the binding end along the enter of one fleece edge, sandwiching the fleece between the binding and abutting the fleece edge with the binding fold; pin. Make sure the shorter binding long edge is facing up, along with the fabric right side.

Set the machine for a 5mm-wide zigzag stitch, and make sure the machine is set for heavyweight fabric (or adjusting the presser foot pressure to accommodate the thick layers).

Zigzag stitch the binding to the fleece, making sure to catch both binding long edges with the stitches. Position the left needle swing just off of the binding on the left side.

left needle swing e1347904331422 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Left Needle Swing

right needle swing e1347904407800 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Right Needle Swing

At the corner, stop sewing 3 1/2″ from the edge. Leave the needle in the fabric. Pin the fleece/binding at the corner.

pin corner e1347904604182 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Pin Binding at Corner

Fold the binding toward the adjacent edge, aligning the fleece edge with the binding fold; pin.

fold corner e1347904701718 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Fold Adjacent Edge

Push the excess binding into the corner, aligning the excess fold with the binding fold. Remove the first pin. Make sure the back is doing the same thing as the front. Pin the mitered corner.

stitch corner e1347904832901 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Pin Mitered Corner

Continue sewing to the corner and around to the next edge, pivoting at the corner and leaving the pin in the miter fold.

mitered corner e1347904928945 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Pivot at Corner

Continue stitching the binding, mitering the corners as you reach them. Stitch all the way to the binding end. Using the second package of binding, locate the end so the narrow long edge is facing up. Unfold the end and refold the corner points into a triangle; press.

fold end into point e1347905139373 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Fold End into Triangle

Wrap the triangle around the stitched end, aligning the binding long edges; pin.

front joining pinned e1347905634314 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Pin Triangle

Make sure the back looks like the front.

back of joining e1347905870990 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Back of Joining

Continue stitching the remaining binding.

Trim the excess binding 3 1/2″ beyond the beginning.

trim end beyond beginning e1347905767665 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Trim Excess Binding

Fold the end into a triangle as per the previous instructions, pin, and then stitch to conceal the beginning raw end.

Stitch over each joining seam, backstitching at the beginning and end.

sew joining e1347905973184 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Stitch Joining Seam

joining strips e1347906094430 225x300 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Clean Finish on Back

Stitch the mitered corners as per the joining seams.

Just like that you have your finished blanket!

finished e1347906189645 300x225 Attaching Satin Blanket Binding

Finished Blanket


A zigzag stitch is great for beginner sewists, including kids, as you’re sure to hit the binding along the blanket back when stitching. But if you’re a more seasoned seamstress, you can certainly choose a straight stitch for a bit of a cleaner look. I tried a straight stitch on this black-and-white blanket and it turned out great!

And you can certainly hand stitch the miter folds–or even bind the fleece using a more traditional quilting method, but this is meant to be a quick and easy project that you can complete among all of your other holiday parties and obligations.

Happy sewing & happy holidays!


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