Don't You Love that Moment When You Finish a Project?

A few weeks back I put up a blog post about adding some embroidery to hide some stains on a $7 dress that I had purchased. At the time of the post, I showed a detail of the flower embroidery that I used to cleverly hide the marks that I could not remove, and I also hung the dress from a hanger on a wardrobe to show the competed item.

My latest upcycled creation

Someone commented that I should take a picture of me wearing the dress instead. Well, as it turns out, we ended up using that upcycled dress for my editor's picture for the Stitch Winter 2014 issue and so here it is.

The person who made the comment said that she would like to see me proudly wearing what I had made. Isn't that always the moment we are working toward when we sew for ourselves and others? That moment when you can put it on and puff up with pride a bit or see the joy in someone's eyes as they open a handmade gift?

My first and true love in sewing is garment construction, although I have dabbled in many other areas, both in and out of sewing, and when I first returned to sewing, I did much of it in a cabin in Pennsylvania. The closet doors in the bedroom were mirrored and were at bed level. I remember many moments of jumping on the bed and checking out my latest creation in the mirror. (I had to make sure I didn't hit my head on the ceiling fan.)

No matter how many times I wear a garment that I have made, there is no moment as good as the first time I see what I've done. I am so happy that I have been blessed with a love of sewing. It's a craft that I can turn to for creative satisfaction, comfort, and pleasure.

One of my most favorite sewing magazines, after Stitch, of course, is BurdaStyle, where fashion meets sewing. I just love looking at the runway trends translated into gorgeous patterns, most of which are included in the magazine. If you like fashion and sewing garments as much as I do, I hope you will take a look at BurdaStyle, too.

Do you relish the moment when you finish a creation? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!





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3 thoughts on “Don't You Love that Moment When You Finish a Project?

  1. Yes, it’s either happy or hide it. I recently finished a very detailed, 4-pocket travel cosmetic bag that turned out perfectly. I was so pleased, I posted it on Facebook and received wonderful comments from friends.. I too, have recently made a couple of garments that I love. It is very satisfying to see them finished. By the way, that dress looks fabulous on you. Janis

  2. I agree with janis. Sometimes it is a YUK moment, but I love to finish either way. At least I tried. That dress does look fetching on you! Sharon Have never read BurdaStyle. Will try it