Taking Your Garment Sewing To The Next Level: Learn To Draft A Sloper

Learn To Draft Your Own Sloper

Taking Your Garment Sewing To The Next Level: Learn To Draft A Sloper

imageplaceholder Jill Case
Online Editor, Sew Daily

Have you ever drafted your very own sloper? I have done very simple drafting but It is mind blowing when you have your own sloper custom made for your measurements. I started out drafting my own sloper for a skirt. I use it on almost all my skirt making projects now as a basis for a great fitting skirt pattern.

A sloper is like a template that you can use in your garment sewing and get a custom, made to order fit. Sloper is the term most often used in home garment sewing, block is the term used in manufacturing garment sewing. It is a basic design but it fits your body. You can then use this sloper to make different design changes, but the fit will stay the same. 

I am in the process of making a pant sloper, so that I can just whip it out any time I want a pair of pants made. All I will need to do is change any design changes, like length, darts etc. Slopers can make your garment sewing journey incredibly easier, faster and with better fit.

We have a new course we're offering, taught be Amber Eden Stitch Magazine's Editor. She will guide you through the 8 week long course of making your own sloper.

I can't rave enough about having your own sloper. Is this something you are interested in? I would love to know on the blog!

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