Learn how to sew buttonholes for your garments and accessories. Learn how to sew buttonholes by hand or sew them by machine. Plus, recognize the different types of buttonholes that will be perfect for your project.

Hand-sewing Buttonholes?

I’ve never been a big fan of machine-made buttonholes, and given the time and choice, I would rather do something with a better finish, like a bound buttonhole. I’ve had a garment go bad one too many times at the buttonhole stage, and it’s not an experience I relish after putting hours into a garment.…

Button Flap Belt

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Tips for Sewing Buttons on Handknits

Often the last line of a knitting pattern reads: Sew on the buttons and enjoy! Embroidery floss and a darningneedle work well for sewing on handknits. Take two tiny stitches on the front of the garment. Stitch up through the button andover the spacer.  Wrap your thread around the loosethreads to create the shank.  Take three stitches in…

Buttonhole Sizing

To determine the length of your buttonhole, first measure the button across the width and then add 1⁄8" (3 mm). Some thicker buttons may require adding 1⁄4" (6 mm) to the width measurement. Mark this measurement with a fabric pencil where you want the buttonhole placed; always sew a sample buttonhole on scrap fabric to…