How To Sew

Want to learn how to sew and understand sewing basics? Sew Daily has the tutorials, step-by-step instruction, and advice to help sewing enthusiasts of all ages be successful!

Mastering solid technique is vital to any sewing project. Whether you are just starting out or have sewn for years, having a working knowledge of basic sewing techniques as well as advanced options will help give you the confidence to succeed. With Sew Daily you’ll discover all sorts of techniques, plus tricks of the trade for sewing notions, seams, zippers and more.


FREE Gift Tags + Easy Sew Projects for the Holidays

Tis the season to be woefully behind I envy those who get all their holiday sewing and shopping done well before December. I’ve thought a lot about sewing and getting ready for the holidays but here I am with absolutely nothing completed let alone started. I’m afraid this year is going to be much like…

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Keeping Myself Challenged By Sewing Ball Gowns

A friend of mine recently planted this nugget of craziness in my brain: sew a ballgown. Now that it is  firmly lodged in my frontal lobe, all I can think of are ball gowns. I’ve already started collecting vintage patterns for the perfect one. This one here caught my eye; it’s a classic in every way.…


Learn 9 Tips For Sewing Darts

Learn more tips for perfect darts. What's Your Favorite Tip For Perfect Darts? Jill Case Online Editor, Sew Daily Darts. Those wonderful triangle shaped folds that help shape flat fabric to fit our individual bumps and curves. In addition to giving our garments structual purpose, darts can add interesting design details to an otherwise…


Where Jill Takes On Another Hobby + How Many Hobbies Are Enough?

Too Many Hobbies – Not Enough Time Jill Case Online Editor, Sew Daily It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life. – Julius Caesar I've been sewing for a long time, not as long as some but long enough to declare it my number one passion. When people…

Planning My Fall and Winter Sewing Projects

Some of my bounty from a fabric swap I attended.   Jill Case Online Editor, Sew Daily Recently my local American Sewing Guild Chapter (American Sewing Guild Denver) had a fabric, pattern and notions swap. It was on a Saturday and you could donate fabric or just come and pick up some fabric. I…


Moving Beyond Commercial Sewing Patterns: Making Your Own From RTW

Learn how to copy RTW garments! Copying: Fashions Highest Form of Flattery Jill Case Online Editor, Sew Daily It's not where you take things from – it's where you take them to.  – Jean-Luc Godard on imitation. I have, and I believe you do too, a few garments that I've bought over the years…