How To Sew

Want to learn how to sew and understand sewing basics? Sew Daily has the tutorials, step-by-step instruction, and advice to help sewing enthusiasts of all ages be successful!

Mastering solid technique is vital to any sewing project. Whether you are just starting out or have sewn for years, having a working knowledge of basic sewing techniques as well as advanced options will help give you the confidence to succeed. With Sew Daily you’ll discover all sorts of techniques, plus tricks of the trade for sewing notions, seams, zippers and more.


How to Use a Sewing Machine

Sewing machines come with lots of gadgets. You don’t need to learn all of them at once. Manuals can get you started and keep you going. No need to learn everything at once. Start slow, you’re in it to win it! In the past six months I’ve had the fun of helping two 30-somethings take…

Hand Sewing

Tips for Hand Sewing! For Couture Sewing & Beyond

I’ve always loved hand sewing, and, like most of us, it was some of the first sewing that I did. But I took my hand sewing to a new level when I was studying for a couture certificate. Pin, baste, sew was the mantra. Where previously, I had only seen basting as an impatient step…

SD FB size NEM

National Embroidery Month Starts Now!

February is National Embroidery Month. If you love hand or machine embroidery celebrate with us all month long for fun projects, free designs, giveaways and more! If you’re new to either hand or machine embroidery stay tuned to the Sew Daily, Creative Machine Embroidery and Sew News blogs for tips and tricks to keep you…


What Was Your First Sewing Project?

I remember the very first item I sewed. It was a cape for my Skipper doll. Not Barbie, mind you but Skipper. I remember going to So-Fro Fabrics and picking out the fabric. It was a large polka dot print with a soft pink background and the dots were a bright fuschia pink. It was…


The Lazy Sewists Guide To Fabulous Style: Part 1

I think my favorite sewing projects are ones that make a visual impact and take only a couple of hours from start to finish. I love kimono jackets and easy wraps for  fast sewing projects. These types of projects are great for adding pizazz to an outfit and perfect for wardrobe building. The kimono jacket…

Spring Sewing Inspiration

What’s The Silliest Sewing Mistake You’ve Made?

Beginner’s Luck Over the weekend I played around with my embroidery machine. I’m embroidering a set of tea towels for my mom. They have cute kitchen utensils on them. They’ll be perfect for Mom’s Day (May 8th!) I also made  the organza butterflies that are so popular right now. I embroidered mine with black and…

DIY Business Card Holder Tutorial

Celebrate Craft Month! Easy DIY Business Card Holder Tutorial

I love taking a break from sewing complicated projects by whipping up easy craft projects. On my post for Sew News I had a cute button bracelet tutorial. Today I have an even easier business card holder tutorial. I used a lovely spring time fabric, Butterfly Forest Collection designed by Ann Lauer for Benartex.  I…


FREE Gift Tags + Easy Sew Projects for the Holidays

Tis the season to be woefully behind I envy those who get all their holiday sewing and shopping done well before December. I’ve thought a lot about sewing and getting ready for the holidays but here I am with absolutely nothing completed let alone started. I’m afraid this year is going to be much like…