Tips on How to Sew by Hand: Free Collection of Hand Sewing Stitches, Techniques, and Patterns

Learn how to sew by hand! 

For centuries, people around the world have used hand stitching techniques to not only stitch two pieces of fabric together, but add interest to their designs. We hope the projects presented in this free collection inspire you to add a little extra to your sewing, perhaps revive an old love of handsewing, or provide some wonderful inspiration to those already stitching away.

Open up this collection and you’ll find a few of our favorite handwork resources to help in your explorations. Hand-embroider on a skirt or top, create a table runner, placemats, and coasters, then make yourself a handy travel lingerie bag. Whip up some wearable sewing with a fabric cuff, sew a few friends for a little one in your life, then make a few handy labels to keep you organized. Now is your chance to get a handy collection of stitches, techniques, and projects to broaden your fabric horizons. Download your copy to get started today.

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Tips on How to Sew by Hand: Free Collection of Hand Sewing Stitches, Techniques, and Patterns
Discover all eight of these hand sewing projects when you download your eBook today!

Add useful hand sewing techniques and discover some of our favorite hand stitches with this free collection!

Whether you have been sewing by hand all your life or are new to this time-honored craft, this free eBook has something for you. Learn how to hand sew garments, gifts and more, and discover expert instruction that is sure to help sewists of all abilities. With a copy of this free eBook in your hands you’re sure to start sewing with you8 hand like a pro in no time!

Hand Stitching on Skirt: Poetry Skirt by Katrin Vorbeck

Poetry Skirt by Katrin Vorbeck

This skirt is truly poetry in motion. The simple-to-make circle skirt that is super flattering, and features a frayed hem that makes this classic silhouette quite unique. What really makes this stand out is finishing by hand-embroidering your favorite poem along a panel or around the skirt. Play with different options to find just the right custom design for you.

Circle Hand Sewing Stiches: Fizz Table Runner by Lisa Cox

Fizz Table Runner by Lisa Cox

Have you ever worked sashiko style on a project? Well now’s your chance. The hand sewn interlocking circles are elegantly embroidered sashiko style on natural linen to create a centerpiece worthy table runner. Find a screen printed fabric or make your own for the ends to echo the style for the perfect finishing touch.

Hand Applique Bag: Travel Lingerie Bag by Blair Stocker

Travel Lingerie Bag by Blair Stocker

What better way to pack your undergarments than in this sweet bag. The bag is created with multiple pockets for clean, dirty, and even a center space for your travel slippers! Add hand appliqué with leftover lace and you’ve got one functional, cute bag.

Bead Handwork Cuff: Beaded Fabric Cuff by Tricia Waddell

Beaded Fabric Cuff by Tricia Waddell

Experiment with free-form bead embroidery for a one-of-a-kind silk cuff bracelet. Add random topstitching and a simple embroidered border for more texture and personality. The Velcro closure makes this easy project a cinch to finish.

Sewing by Hand: Stitch-and-Stash Labels by the Stitch editorial team

Stitch-and-Stash Labels by the Stitch editorial team

Add a clean, organized touch to your sewing supply jars with this set of embroidered labels. These hand sewing patterns are a clever and colorful way to use up small scraps from your stash.

Handsewing Placemats and Coasters: Hexagon Place Mats and Coasters by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Hexagon Place Mats & Coasters by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Japanese zakka style was the inspiration for these pretty place mats. This style seeks out the savvy from within the ordinary, which you can discover too as you create these charming place settings for yourself or as a gift. Raid your fabric stash for the pieced hexagons, then combine with natural linen for the perfect touch of contrast. This pattern includes an easy hand appliqué method to help bring the pieces together.

Easy Hand Sewing Projects: Pretty Cat, Baby Bear and Mini Mouse by Heidi Boyd

Pretty Cat, Baby Bear & Mini Mouse by Heidi Boyd

What do you get when you put together a pretty cat, baby bear and mini mouse? This wonderful hand stitched collection of soft toys for all the kiddos in your life. Great for using up your leftover fabric stash, every one of these you make will be unique. Simple embroidery and fun embellishments make these huggable friends truly come to life.

Hand Sewing Patterns: Woodland Sweater Skirt & Applique Top by Amanda Norell

Woodland Sweater Skirt & Appliqué Top by Amanda Norell

You’d never believe the upcycling possibilities that lie in these adorable designs. Use old knits to make up the skirt, even using different garments for different panels. Then make the outfit complete with a hand appliqué squirrel on a top. They’d never know it was just a store-bought top!

What are you waiting for? Learn how to hand sew and get three easy hand sewing projects,
all in one collection! Download the entire free eBook today!

Sewing by hand can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The feel of needle and thread weaving through fabric is like no other. To celebrate handwork, we’ve gathered a collection of easy hand sewing projects and techniques to offer you for free. Inside you’ll discover tips on how to hand sew, learn a variety of hand sewing stitches, and get a few hand sewing patterns.

The Beaded Fabric Cuff is a fun experiment in free-form bead embroidery that both you and your friends are sure to love showing off.. The simple Stitch-and-Stash Labels are a great hand stitching project to get your creative juices flowing, and for adding an organized touch to your sewing supply jars. Then add a little geometry to your collection and learn how to hand appliqué with the zakka inspired Hexagon Place Mats & Coaster. That’s not all, you’ll also get patterns for a woodland-inspired sweater skirt and appliqué top, a hand-stitched poetry skirt, table runner and more. Enjoy stitching by hand with the help of this eBook collection, free for you to download today!