Sewing Machine Basics and Construction Tips + Tricks: Free Video on Staystitching and Understitching

Sewing Machine Basics and Construction Tips + Tricks: Free Video on Staystitching and Understitching

If there are two techniques every sewist should know to make more professional looking garments, these are it. Both staystitching and understitching are simple yet have the potential to make a big impact on the finished look of your garments.

The second in our series of sewing machine lessons, this video will help you learn how to understitch and staystitch like a pro. Access this exclusive Sew Daily video and you’ll not only get a visual example of both sewing techniques, but you’ll learn all the tricks to using them to their full potential. Simply enter your email and view your free video today!

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Access your free video guide on how to use a sewing machine for staystitching and understitching.

Video Sewing Machine Guide: Part 1

Our free video begins with a look at how to staystitch. Learn why this technique helps to prevent the fabric of garment pieces from getting distorted or stretched, and watch as Tricia walks you through how to place your stitch line. Also in this sewing machine lessons video, she covers why stitching this line directionally is so important.

Sewing Machine Guide Part 2: How To Understitch

Video Sewing Machine Guide: Part 2

Next, the video talks about how to understitch. This simple technique helps to keep your facings from flipping to the outside of the garment. Tricia demonstrates the entire process in this video, from clipping around the seam allowance to how you can understitch lining to the seam line.
What are you waiting for? Learn how to use a sewing machine to sew garments like a pro!

The video begins with a lesson on the very simple technique, staystitching. Included are tips on how to get the stitching lined up correctly and why directional stitching is important. Next, we dive into the best technique in a sewists arsenal to keep facings securely inside your garments, understitching. Armed with these sewing machine basics from expert Tricia Waddell you’ll be on your way to more professional garments in no time. Ready to get started? Simply enter your email address and access your free video today!