How to Make a Table Runner: 3 Free Table Runner Patterns to Sew

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What is it about adding a handmade table runner that makes your table look complete? When it comes to sewing table runners, variety in your pattern choices is a good thing. In this free eBook we take a look at three different table runner designs that will fit many of your needs, including elegant sashiko, textural batik, and even a tablescape for the holidays.

These free table runner sewing patterns will also provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn new techniques or to improve your current skills. Create these designs to get a solid understanding of strip piecing, hand embroidery, appliqué, and essential sewing techniques. Learning how to sew a table runner and get three free patterns when you grab this eBook today!

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From holiday to everyday, discover three table runner designs to fit your year round needs.

From festive peppermints to African batik to the elegance of screen-printed linen, discover a collection of table runner sewing patterns that will have you running to your stash to get started!

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How to Make a Table Runner: 3 Free Table Runner Patterns to Sew


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Learn how to sew a table runner using many techniques, such as this design using piecing.

Machine and Hand Sewing a Table Runner: Fizz Table Runner

#1: Machine and Hand Sewing a Table Runner

Fizz Table Runner by Lisa Cox


Sewing table runners for elegant occasions is easy with this pattern. Sashiko styling meetings natural linen and hand screen-printed organic cotton for a wonderful blend of fabrics. Finish it off with handstitched patterning to create a wonderful effect on the finished table runner.

A Table Runner Pattern with Texture: Ghanaian Batik Tablescape

#2: A Table Runner Pattern with Texture

Ghanaian Batik Tablescape by Lisa Shepard Stewart


Dress your table with texture and African flair with this table runner pattern, featuring batik cottons from Ghana that are both beautiful and practical. With this project you'll learn how to make table runners using simple strip piecing, a wonderful technique that you'll want to keep in your sewing arsenal.

Festive Table Runner Pattern: Candy Table Runner

#3: Festive Table Runner Pattern

Candy Table Runner by Carol Zentgraf


The holidays bring festive treats, especially to your table, but now you can sew table runner designs that add flair without adding calories. The best part about this table runner sewing pattern is that it can be easily adapted to make any size, from a single candy for a placemat to a long runner with multiple candies on each side.

What are you waiting for? Pick up this collection to learn how to sew a table runner to fit your style.

If you've been looking for a way to freshen up your dining room, or add just the right touch to your table, look no further than this table runner patterns free eBook. With three unique designs in all, you'll be able to create a table runner for any occasion.
  • Looking for easy elegance? You'll love the natural grace, hand embroidered circles, and sashiko style of the Fizz Table Runner sewing pattern.
  • Time for texture? The Ghanaian Batik Tablescape features colorfast batik cottons and simple strip piecing that combine to create African flair for your table.
  • Feeling festive? Create a trio of appliqués peppermints for zero calorie table treat with the Candy Table Runner.
Whether you make one or all three of these designs you're sure to love creating your own table designs. Download your free collection to start sewing a table runner with style today!

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How to Make a Table Runner: 3 Free Table Runner Patterns to Sew

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