Stylish Skirt and Dress Patterns: 3 Free Sewing Patterns for Women

Stylish Skirt and Dress Patterns: 3 Free Sewing Patterns for Women

We love sewing garments! From a simple design to completely tailored piece, nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of sewing dresses and skirts that fit you perfectly. Come celebrate the beautiful form and shape of your favorite ladies (including yourself) with this collection of free sewing patterns for women.

What better place to begin than with a feminine skirt? With a simple pleat and ingenious zipper technique, this pattern will not only teach you how to make a skirt, but show you how easy it can really be. In our next pattern, a simple shift dress is remade using a lace up collar and crisscross back ties to add shaping. Finally, see step-by-step how to sew your own dress featuring subtle French darts and clean lines. These classic sewing patterns for women are sure to become a staple in your closet for years to come. Download your free eBook today to be inspired to sew a skirt or a fabulous new dress.

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Free Sewing Patterns for Women eBook
Take a close up look at each of the dress and skirt sewing patterns you'll find in this collection.With such a stunning collection of skirt, dress and evening dress patterns to sew, 
which will you begin sewing first?

Sewing dress patterns or sewing skirts for yourself or a loved one doesn’t have to be an impossible task. With the right pattern and instruction, sewing garments for women can be as enjoyable as any other pattern. Here at Sew Daily, we love and appreciate all that garments offer, and wanted to get your collection of dress and skirt patterns for sewing started. Start by sewing a skirt with lovely styling and cute accents, or pick from one of two free dress sewing patterns. All three are just a click away in this free collection!

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Skirt Sewing Patterns: One Pleat Skirt

Skirt Sewing Patterns: One Pleat Skirt by Beki Wilson

We love simple skirt sewing patterns, especially one with clean lines and easy shaping. This fun twist on a simple A-line skirt features a simple pleat accented with three buttons. Follow along to learn how to sew a skirt using a lightweight stretch fabric and side zipper closure; it’s easier than you think! As simple to make as it is to wear, you’ll love learning how to make a skirt that will fit you perfectly when you download this free eBook.

Dress Sewing Patterns: Tie Front, Tie Back

Patterns for Dresses: Tie Front, Tie Back by Jil Cappuccio

Have you been hesitant to sew your own dress, because it looked complicated? Have no fear; this pattern is the perfect design for any sewist to work on. Based on a simple shift dress, this updated pattern features a lace-up collar and crisscross back ties to add shaping. You’ll love sewing a dress for every season with this super simple pattern. What are you waiting for, download this free eBook today.

Dress Sewing Patterns: The Big Blue

Dress Sewing Patterns: The Big Blue by Amber Eden

From the office to a night out, evening dress patterns are wonderful to keep handy. This chick frock is ready for any special event, and will transition from work to play with ease. With its clean lines, flared skirt, subtle French darts, and vintage-styling, all eyes will be on you. This is a dress that is destined to be a go-to garment for years to come. Download your free dress sewing patterns plus skirt pattern and get started right away.

What are you waiting for? Learn how to make a skirt and two unique dresses with this free eBook!

Sewing patterns for women may seem complicated, but with the help of our sewing experts you’ll be sewing skirts and dresses like a pro in no time. The One Pleat Skirt is the perfect place to begin and for beginners wanting to learn how to sew a skirt. The simple A-line design is made with light-weight fabric and includes instructions for a lapped zipper application. Lightweight rayon fabric is used to create a simple shift dress inTie Front, Tie Back. With this design you’ll cover all the basics for sewing dress patterns, making your experience sewing a dress easy no matter your skill level. Finally, take your skills to the next level with The Big Blue, one of our favorite evening dress patterns. The hidden details, French darts and a waist stay enhance the fit of this stunning sewn dress. Make one or all three of these stylish and feminine designs when you download your free sewing patterns for women eBook.