4 Free Sewing Patterns for Kids

Children’s Sewing Patterns: 4 Free Sewing Patterns for Kids

When you’re sewing for children, there are a few key things to look for in patterns. Are the kids sewing patterns practical, fun, and most of all, kid-friendly? If so, then you’ve found a great design to add to your project collection. To celebrate sewing for little ones, we’re offering this free eBook chock full of great designs, including toy, bib, bath mitt and quilt patterns for kids.

Start with some easy sewing projects for kids, with a bath time mitt and baby bib pattern to choose from. Make up the base of the bath mitts, pick the ears for the animal you want, then add a special touch by embroidering the perfect face. You can make up a whole zoo of bath time mitts for your little ones in no time. Then move onto our bib sewing pattern to discover a garden fresh design that will keep clothes fresh too. Next, check out one of our favorite stuffed animal sewing patterns. This elephant sewing pattern is so cute, with its floppy ears and little ribbon loops, you’ll want to add it to your permanent collection of baby and toddler sewing patterns. Kids quilt patterns can serve many purposes for little ones, from bedding to decor. Our final featured design is more the décor side of kid’s quilts, and combines landscape inspired fabrics with a little appliqué for a fun quilt. Whether you make one or all four of these sewing patterns for children, you’re sure to enjoy sharing your love of quilting with your favorite little ones. Download the entire collection and get started today!

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Download your free eBook of children's sewing patterns!
From quilts to bath mitts, bibs to free toy sewing patterns, this collection has a little bit of everything for sewing for children.

Enjoy tips on sewing for children with this free eBook!

There’s something so gratifying about whipping up a toy, quilt, or other kids sewing patterns and watching little one’s eyes grow wide with delight as you give them. That’s what this eBook of free sewing patterns for children is all about! With four designs including quilt, toy, bath mitt, and baby bib pattern, this eBook has a little bit of everything to get you started sewing for kids.

Free Bath Mitt Sewing Patterns: Bath Time Buddies

Free Bath Mitt Sewing Patterns: Bath Time Buddies by Lisa Cox

Make bath time fun for all with these animal creations. These easy sewing projects for kids are constructed from soft terry toweling, cotton fabric, and polar fleece with fun embroidery to finish. They are such easy kids sewing patterns to make; you’ll have a whole set made up in no time.

Free Baby Bib Pattern: Springtime Bibs

Free Baby Bib Pattern: Springtime Bibs by Heidi Boyd

This garden inspired free baby bib pattern is the perfect way to show a little sewing love to the little ones in your life. Plush organic terry feels nice against baby’s skin, and the addition of Velcro helps the bib easily go on and come off wiggly kids. You’ll enjoy this bib pattern + free patterns for kids when you download this free eBook.

Free Toy Sewing Patterns: Loopy Elephant

Free Toy Sewing Patterns: Loopy Elephant by Heidi Boyd

Featuring playful flappy ears and little ribbon loops, this elephant sewing pattern is a great gift for babies and toddlers alike. Lovingly made with soft flannel and Minky fabrics, this is sure to become one of your favorite stuffed animal sewing patterns.

Free Kids Quilt Patterns: Hilltop Drive Baby Quilt

Free Kids Quilt Patterns: Hilltop Drive Baby Quilt by Kevin Kosbab

Add a little décor to the kid’s room with the next featured sewing pattern for kids. With rolling hills and fusible appliqué inspired by a fun landscape print, this toddler/baby quilt sewing pattern could be easily completed over a weekend.

What are you waiting for? Grab your collection of free baby and toddler sewing patterns!

From free toy sewing patterns to kids quilt patterns, this is one collection of sewing patterns for children that you won’t want to be without. Enjoy sewing animal bath mitts or the elephant sewing pattern, whip up a few functional bibs or quilt patterns for kid’s walls. Download your free collection today!