Sewing Embellishments: 3 Free Patterns Using Embroidery, Appliqué and Other Fabric Embellishment Techniques

Sewing Embellishments: 3 Free Patterns Using Embroidery, Appliqué and Other Fabric Embellishment Techniques

Are you looking for the perfect finishing touch for your sewn projects? From sewing beads on fabric to hand embroidery stitches and appliqué, there is a vast world of embellishment techniques waiting to be explored.

This free eBook celebrates just a few of the ways to embellish your sewing. Inside you’ll find a pot holder pattern that uses fabric appliqué circles to add interest and functionality. Next, combine a rainbow of colors and prints with simple embroidery stitches to create soft, lovable creatures. Then, elevate a simple wrap skirt by adding designs, beads, and even appliquéd pieces. Once you have the basics, you’ll be ready to add the perfect finishing touch to nearly any sewn project. Get simple designs, ideas for easy appliqué, and three useful projects, all when you download this free eBook!

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Sewing Embellishments Free eBook
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Each of these designs will help Sewists of all abilities expand their embellishment repertoire and their pattern collection too!

Whether a handmade item is a gift for you or for a loved one, adding little finishing touches can take it from completed to FINISHED. Along with this FREE eBook on sewing appliqués, embroidery and embellishments, you’ll also receive a free membership to our Sew Daily community. Your membership provides you access to our free projects library, our sewing community blogs, and our daily email newsletter with all sorts of tips, tricks and more free projects. Get started today! Download your eBook to get free embroidery designs and instructions, tips on sewing beads on fabric, embroidery and more!

Project 1: Adding hand embroidery and applique designs

Stepping-Stones Pot Holder by Kevin Kosbab

The wool “stones” on this felt pot holder aren’t just for show—they add an extra layer to protect your table from heat. The fabric appliqué circles are attached with fusible web and finished by hand with a simple blanket stitch. You’ll love how this easy appliqué technique can be used for all sorts of project and clothing embellishments!

Project 2: Fabric Embroidery and Embellishment

Pretty Cat, Baby Bear & Mini-Mouse by Heidi Boyd

A rainbow of colors and prints combine to make this trio of adorable playmates. Create expressive faces with felted sweaters and simple fabric embroidery, then add fun embellishments to make huggable friends. Learn how to mix florals and prints, embellish all sorts of shapes, and use hand embroidery in inspired ways, with these projects.

Project 3: Clothing Embellishments and Sewing Beads

Collage Wrap Skirt by Tricia Waddell

Elevate a simple wrap skirt by combining panels of texture. Contrast matte linen with metallic luster, then complete the look by sewing appliqués and adding fabric embroidery and beading for a one-of-kind design. Topstitched seams and a decorative button closure add the finishing touches. Learn about sewing beads, adding appliqué designs, and other clothing embellishments with this fun pattern.

Free sewing embellishment projects just for you

You’re sure to find these articles on how to embellish sewing both helpful and informative. Don’t delay, download this incredible resource today.

This free collection of embroidery, appliqué designs, and embellishment techniques is sure to get you excited about embellishing your sewn projects. Start with the pot holder pattern to learn an easy appliqué method using felt, fusible web and a few stitches to secure design elements. Next, create expression using hand embroidery stitches and embellish with fun features on all three patterns for huggable friends. Then, add a collage of hand embroidery stitches, beads, and appliqué to a simple wrap skirt. From free embroidery designs, to stitches, appliqué and simple embellishments, this eBook has a little something for everyone. Download your collection to get started today.