Correction: Fall 2011- Kimono Baby Swaddle by Theresa Gonzalez (pg.84)

For the "Kimono Baby Swaddle" by Theresa Gonzalez in Stitch Fall 2011, please note the following corrections to the instructions:

On the Main Body Piece of the template, it should note:
     Cut 1 Fabric A Reversed
     Cut 1 Fabric B


Instruction changes (capitalized) are as follows:


Step 1: From fabric A, cut 1 Main Body (Reversed, includes left wing) (THE PIECE NEEDS TO BE REVERSED.)

Step 6: Starting at the top right corner and aligning the raw edges, pin (BUT DO NOT STITCH) the piping along the right hand edge of the fabric B Main Body, continuing around the pocket and ending at the upper left corner of the pocket. (Note that this corner of the pocket extends beyond the lower edge of the left wing.) Trim the end of the piping about 1/4" longer and turn the end under. Using a zipper foot to sew close to the piping cord, stitch the piping to the fabric through all layers ONLY TO THE POINT WHERE THE LEFT WING MEETS THE BODY. THE REMAINDER OF THE PIPING WILL BE STITCHED IN STEP 9.

Step 7: Pin the Right Wing pieces wrong sides together, then pin (BUT DO NOT STITCH) a 24" length of bias tape along the lower edge of the wing, encasing the raw edges, with one short end of the tape flush with the curved edge of the wing (the other end will extend past the wing pieces; the flush end will be caught in the seam when you sew the swaddle layers together). Pin the wing pieces to the right side of the FABRIC B MAIN/POCKET PIECE, aligning the curved edge of all layers. (figure 1) PIN FABRIC A MAIN PIECE TO THE FABRIC B/POCKET PIECE WITH RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, sandwiching the wing pieces in between. Pin the batting piece to the wrong side OF THE FABRIC B MAIN PIECE. If necessary, baste the layers together around the edges to secure them.

Step 8: WITH THE WRONG SIDE OF FABRIC A ON TOP, start from the upper right-hand corner….

Step 11: To close the swaddle, fold the LEFT wing over the body and pull the left wing's tie through the hole in the right wing seam. Then fold the RIGHT wing over and tie the ends in a bow.

ADDITIONAL STEP 12: Optional: Instead of ties, you may use large snaps or hook-and-loop tape for closures.

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