The BEST Pants To Sew For Summer

Sewing a pair of summer pants, let alone wearing pants in the summertime, isn’t a typical activity. Usually we’re on the lookout for a flowy dress, pair of great fitting shorts or a simple skirt. But I have to tell you that this pant pattern is my new go-to, and I absolutely love it in the summer!

Emerson Pants

The Emerson Crop Pant by True Bias is not only an easy pattern (I sewed my first pair in less than two hours, including cutting time), but it’s great for a variety of fabrics. It has an elastic waist along the back and a flat front with a few pleats, so they’re super comfy to wear.

The first summer pants I made out of a rayon challis. Let me tell you, rayon challis is like butter! It’s the perfect fabric for summer, and makes these pants drape so well. I had heard that the crotch depth on these pants wan’t long enough for some people, but it was perfect for me and I NEEDED NO FITTING W

HATSOEVER! (It helps when you’re the same height as the patternmaker, I guess.)

For my second pair, I was convinced I needed them in shorts (the shorts pattern is also included, my friends). I purchased some great Essex linen by Robert Kaufman (one of my faves) with that plan in mind. B

ut when I started laying out the fabric I noticed that I had enough to make them longer…and I thought I’d get more mileage out of the pants. So I made another pair!

They aren’t as long as my first pair, but they are long enough, especially for summer. The linen is, of course, stiffer than the rayon so these don’t drape as nicely. But I don’t mind the bit of structure. The front is flat, so the pleats don’t poof out like you might expect. These are just so flattering!

A few of my officemates have since made these summer pants and they look GREAT on everyone.

Here’s another rayon challis version. Love the tie-dye print!

This summer pants pattern included sizes 0-18. I highly suggest you make a pair.

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