FREE Gift Tags + Easy Sew Projects for the Holidays

Tis the season to be woefully behind
I envy those who get all their holiday sewing and shopping done well before December. I’ve thought a lot about sewing and getting ready for the holidays but here I am with absolutely nothing completed let alone started.

I’m afraid this year is going to be much like the last with me up late sewing and running to the store last minute in order to finish.

Below are a few projects I have in mind for this year. A think a mix of sewing and purchasing will work best for my level of procrastination.

Right now I’m making holiday ornaments. Here’s a cardinal that I’m working on, and if you see the bunny in the background, that’s the next ornament I’ll be making. This is from the ‘Tis the Season To Be Felty book. I love it because there are so many super easy felt projects in here. I’m going to turn the bunnies into ornaments. A little different than the instructions in the book.


Next up is a pair of Cozy Toes. I’ve made these before for a friend who had been ill for awhile. The slippers are so easy to make you won’t be able to stop at sewing just one pair.
CozyToes_Ebook2I have one friend in particular who I’m giving a sewing charm to. She just started sewing and when I saw these come in I knew I had to get her one.


Bonus: these are made in the USA.

If I have time, I want to make my family Christmas stockings. The Heidi Boyd kits are my favorite. The wool is top of the line, and these will last for a long time. If I don’t use the kit I may make some from cute holiday fabric.

heidiboyd kits all four

Lastly, my niece has been crying for a pair of pajamas. (that and her own room). I can certainly deliver a pair of pajamas. All I need is a little yardage of fuzzy fleece. These will whip up super fast.

Speaking of pajamas. I also have my eye on sewing a cozy robe. My mom wants one, and it just so happens I have some Minky fabric laying around.

What do you think of my ideas? What are your go-to holiday sewing projects? Let me know on the blog!

And for Sew Daily fans we have six lovely gift tags that you can download for free. Use them on whatever lovely things you give this year!

Happy holidays!



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