Time For A Little Lunch Break Shopping!

Don’t tell my husband (or my boss…), but I do some of my best online shopping during my lunch break. I eat lunch at my desk, but to mentally escape, even for just five minutes, I check out my usual favorite stores for last minute deals or new finds. On those days especially when everything’s going wrong and you feel like you’re working on a thousand things but getting nothing done, buying a new pair of shoes sure makes you feel like you accomplished at least one thing that day. No better pick-me-up.

Today, whilst munching on kale salad to make up for the many M&Ms I consumed at the movies last night, I’m peeking under the tent of our Summer Tent Sale! Time to scoop up some treasures. Did you know this sewing kit is marked down from about $100 to only $20?! Um, yes please! It’s got everything in it–scissors, measuring tape, thread, needles, seam rippers–for only one little Andrew Jackson! For $20 you can basically be the MacGyver of sewing (Richard Dean Anderson not included). If I relate 75 percent off to MacGyver, then my husband will understand.

Come join me in the tent! Or, if I haven’t emerged when lunch is over, send for help. Either one Big Smile




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