Thursday Sewing Inspiration: Spring!

April is one of my favorite months. Mainly because some very special people are born on this month (me!) and spring is here (or will be soon).

Spring Sewing Inspiration

In Colorado spring can be tempestuous at best. Just last week we had the year’s biggest snowstorm. Schools were closed, our office closed, power outages everywhere, city was shut down. That type of weather heralds in spring for us Coloradans. We don’t get those pretty, photogenic springs just yet. But, by the time May swings around we’ll be in the heady grips of spring. Maybe.

Either way April is the month were my mind shifts to planting flowers, warm days, and  spring time wardrobe and home decor projects.

Here’s what I have on my to-do list:

  • Finish up a bunch of spring UFO’s, including a dress, blouse and a pair of culottes.
  • Sew a pair of linen summer pants from Melly Sews.
  • Re-upholster dining room chairs.
  • Rip out carpet & put in tile in family room.
  • Remove old couch and make over-sized throw cushions.
  • Sew a silk dress without pins (hey, it’s worth a try!)

Of course, this is all subject to fall apart at any minute. My to-do list is primarily based on whatever catches my eye at any given moment. It’s so hard to get anything done!

Let me know what you’re sewing for spring on the Sew Daily blog. I would love to know if it’s as hard for you to stay focused as it is me.

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