There’s So Much to Learn About Sewing Pillows

I was on the set of a video shoot with Stitch author Kevin Kosbab last week. We were making a Stitch Workshop video that was mostly about pillows, and I was truly amazed at all of the tricks

Kevin, on set, has a chopstick among
his arsenal of pillow sewing tools.

that Kevin had up his sleeve when it comes to pillows. If you are familiar with any of Kevin's work, you know that he creates dramatic home decor accessories. In fact, I think that everyone on set was charmed. We had filmed over an hour of sewing tips and it is all about pillows! I love learning any new sewing tricks and I definitely walked away with a few. Kevin was also pleased that he had taught us all something new.

I don't want to give away the whole video, but it got me thinking how we learn about sewing. And doesn't most sewing begin with pillows? They are an iconic sewing project. I think it's because the pillow is so easy to sew and so functional to use. When I started sewing in ernest, the pillow was my first project … about 20 of them, until my husband begged me to stop. But like many simple sewing projects there is always a better way to stitch it up.

For instance, Kevin likes to use a chopstick or knitting needle to poke out the corners of pillows when turning them right side out. It's such a simple solution, but one that I had never been taught or come across. And I make my living from accruing brilliant sewing tips, so it's very much on my radar. Even a simple sewing tip like this makes me deliriously happy. I love it when I think: "I never thought of that!"   

We get our sewing knowledge from so many places: family, friends, teachers, books, and online blogs. What I love most is that it's like peeling an onion. The more you search, the more layers of knowledge you find, especially with the most deceptively easy projects..

In Stitch Fall 2012 issue, you can ready Kevin's essay about how he learned many of his techniques from vintage sewing books and his traditional quilting group. He talks about how the projects illustrated in these books and learned in these groups may not be to his taste, but he is able to take valuable techniques and use them to express his aesthetic. 

To read Kevin's essay and find plenty of pillow and other home decor projects, check out Stitch Fall 2012 for pre-order in the Sew Daily Shop.

Where do you learn about sewing? And was a pillow your first project? If you have any amazing pillow tips, tell us about it on the Sew Daily blog.

Happy Stitching 

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