The Shape of Clothes to Come

I love garments that can be worn in more ways than one. There's just something so ingenious about about a design that can take several shapes. That's why I'm such a huge fan of Shape Shape: Sewing Clothing Patterns to Wear Multiple Ways.

This new book by Natsuno Hiraiwa has 19 wonderfully elegant designs with sewing instructions and patterns. Hiraiwa is a graphic-designer-turned-fashion-designer, and her multidisciplinary approach to creating clothing is refreshingly simple. In her foreword, she talks about her own design process and how it starts with draping and wrapping herself, using the fabric to create different shapes and designs. It was when she realized that she could carry over her design process to the finished project that Shape Shape, well, took shape. The result was an eye candy book full of projects that you can stitch up quickly and wear in many ways.

The Folded Shrug and Cascade Skirt
designs from Shape Shape.

The Japanees design influence is everywhere in the book and what I like most is that the garments require almost no fitting. It's all about drape, flow and shape. Even beginners can start with a lovely piece of fabric and expect to create something beautiful and achievable.

For instance, the origami-like Folded Shrug and flowing Cascadesskirt are shown left. These garments are simple geometric shapes and the fitting silhouette is done through wrapping and tying. The fabulous Two Way Stole, right, operates on the same

The Two-Way Stole from Shape Shape.

principle and can be worn loosely chic or tied at the front.

What I like best in Shape Shape is the encouraging approach that Hiraiwa takes to sewing, urging her readers to get creative and become their own designers. And with these runway-worthy looks, it's not difficult for even the newest sewist to get garment that echoes the pricey clothes hanging in designer boutiques.

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Do you like to think outside the box when it comes to sewing and create your own shapes? Let us know how you put your creative spin on sewing patterns on the blog.

Happy stitching!


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