Take a Peek Behind the Scenes at the Stitch Photo Shoot

Just about a week ago, we wrapped out shooting for the Stitch, Summer 2012.

Yes, I know how cold it is outside (about 10 degrees in Boston as I write this!). So we really had to get ourselves in the mood for summer. Here's a look at shooting the upcoming summer issue of Stitch:

    Our feisty model on our "beach."

We had four days of shooting to get all of the great projects photographed that were slated for this issue. And we had a brand new team to get it done, including me, the art director, the stylist, the photographer and two photographer's assistants. That didn't even include two hair and makeup artists, one adult model, and, my personal favorites, two child models. Fortunately, we had only one model per day, and that was enough.

First, we created a set for each of the sections in the issue: Garden, Linen, Florals, and, you guessed it, Beach (which I will get to later). All of those sets need props, and that's where the stylist comes in. Somehow, with many carloads of furniture and knick-knacks, all brought up to the third floor studio by freight elevator, we were able to create sets that look like they could be in someone's home. Amazing!

Then, of course, all of the models need to have clothes and accessories for any shots that they are in, so that's a whole other round of styling. Whole lotta stylin' goin' on! And we had to take down and put sets back up several times, depending on who or what we were shooting.

Now, about that beach. Well, what's in a beach? Sand! That's right. We brought bags and bags of damp sand and spread it onto a big plastic drop cloth, to make a beach! I am not kidding and I have the pictures to prove it.

It's a wrap: one tired and happy crew!

We were completely exhausted by the end of four days. (Did I forget to mention that on Day 4, we also move the entire set to the stylist's home?) But we had some gorgeous shots. I am so excited and I can't wait for you to see the issue.

In the meantime, until the summer issue of Stitch hits the newsstands, you can get access to all the pretty projects from past issues of Stitch by checking out the Stitch 2008-2010 Collection CD now on sale in the Sew Daily shop.

Do you have a favorite project from a past issue? Let us know on this blog!

Happy stitching!



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One thought on “Take a Peek Behind the Scenes at the Stitch Photo Shoot

  1. Sorry, I must ask… how did you clean up the sand and did it get carted to the stylist’s house along with everything else?! Seriously, I love getting behind the scenes peeks, so thanks for putting this together.