Stitch Gifts 2014 is Here!

I am so excited about this year's issue of Stitch Gifts and it isn't just because it has some awesome projects … which it definitely does! From the Fast and Fabulous and (not-so-fast-but-very-gorgeous) Gift-Giving sections, to the items in Sew Festive, It's a Wrap, Embellish It, and From Our Favorites, you will be able to choose from 50+ presents to make and give for the holidays. Whew! Get those sewing machines revved up.

Stitch Gifts 2014!

The Modern Circle Table
Runner will be a kit!

  Get supplies for the Winter
Blossoms Frame Purse.

But what has me even more excited it that we have recently started a project kit program. For Gifts 2014, the Modern Circle Table Runner by Anne Deister will be a project kit available in the Sew Daily Shop soon, complete with fabric and instructions.

In addition, we are offering hard-to-find project supplies and other notions in the Sew Daily Shop, such as the frame for the darling Winter Blossoms Frame Purse by Charise Randell. Hey, anything to make the sewing go a little easier, that's what I say, especially during the holiday season.

Finally, my last exciting news is that the Stitch team (Eliane, Abby, and myself) have made a video for each gift item in Stitch Gifts 2014, to be shared via social media, explaining details about what makes each one so wonderful. Plus, look for a blooper or two, too!

You can order Stitch Gifts 2014 in the Sew Daily Shop as well, and I can't wait to hear what you make in this issue and who you plan to give it to, even if it's just for yourself.

Please let me know!

Happy stitching!

P.S. You can find the pearl and black purse frames in the Sew Daily Shop.  





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