Shopping for Props for Stitch Spring 2013

I know that next spring seems like it's a long way away, but the Stitch team is already keeping its eyes open for props for the Stitch Spring 2013 photo shoot.

Antique tins, lawn bowls and croquet,
oh my!

The theme of the issue is to relax and refresh and one section is called "From Porch to Yard"  

I was at a friend's yard sale in Huntington, N.Y., the other day, and you won't believe what I found: an old-time croquet set and box of lawn bowls. Could they be any more perfect?

Turns out the lawn games had been sitting in a house in England for decades, and my friend, who is from across the Pond, inherited them when her brother bought the house. Apparently, the big difference between lawn bowls and bocce ball (which is all the rage on Long Island) is that you wear white. Who knew? (I think she was joking about that …) Those croquet mallets look like they could do some serious damage in a polo game, too.

Some of the other props, like the old time scale, tins and coffee grinder will be used for Stitch Gifts 2012 photo shoot, which is just around the corner.  

Btw, the Stitch Spring 2013 project proposals are due end of next week, and it's not too late to send your submission. Take a look at the call for submissions and get inspired to submit to Stitch

May these props inspired your submissions and looking forward to your projects!

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