Sewing Patterns for the New Generation

skirt patterncate pratoMy daughter Meredith, 15, has just started taking sewing lessons, and she has caught on quickly.

The first week she made two pillow cases. The second week she moved right along to a skirt. A skirt with a waistband, gathers, and a decorative trim, mind you. She did it so well, so fast, the teacher suggested she bring in two patterns and fabric for the next week.

Whereas my sewing tends to focus on mixed-media stitch and the odd, last-minute Halloween costume, Meredith is my fashion girl. She has had a knack for putting together an outfit since she began dressing herself. On our shopping trip for the skirt she made, she matched up a red sateen with black lace trim and black rosette, and somehow it didn't look tacky.

I'm so proud of Meri and she is having a blast. (See her at left modeling her unfinished skirt.)

She wants to make all kinds of clothes and accessories for herself, and she is also eyeing some projects to make and give her friends and cousins at Christmas.

It's so much fun watching her find joy and pride in learning this new skill. But while I have plenty of fabric for her to use, I don't have the time to take her to the fabric store to pick out patterns. And Meredith is impatient (aren't all teens?).

Then it dawned on me: I could direct her to the Sew Daily Shop and let her browse for patterns there.

When Meredith finds one she likes, we just purchase and download it to our computer, lickety-split.  So far, Meri has plans to stitch more skirts, a tote bag, and gifts for her sister, the dog, and her new baby cousin.

There are more than a hundred patterns to choose from in the Sew Daily Shop, with new ones being added all the time.

Meredith can keep sewing until the fabric runs outand that should be months from now!

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