Sewing Jeans – An Adventure In Sewing Your Own: Part 2

We are sewing jeans! Thanks so much for joining us for part 2 of this jean sewing adventure. Today, we’re sharing our thoughts mid-stream (er, mid-jean)…the good, the bad and the ugly!

Sewing jeans

How far are you into the process os sewing your own jeans?
Amanda: I’ve made pockets, topstitched, installed the zipper, sewn the inseam and basted the side seams. Next up – fitting and the waistband. Not going to lie: I feel a bit like a sewing superhero already, but I should probably hold off on celebrating.

Kelly: At this point the legs are sewn together and the waistband is prepped and ready to be attached.

What has been harder than you thought it would be in sewing jeans? Easier?
Kelly: There are definitely A LOT of small steps. I’ve had to reread through the instructions and sew along blog posts multiple times to understand a few steps, which has slowed the process down. Most of my misunderstanding are probably due to lack of experience. Otherwise everything has worked pretty well.

Amanda: Topstitching has not been my favorite. I ripped out and re-stitched the zipper topstitching a few times and it’s still not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with my decision to use black topstitching thread. By the time I got to the back, I was much more confident and the topstitching looks pretty clean. And in good news, the zipper was not as hard as I’d imagined. This tutorial was super helpful. I have to say that the jeans mystique is definitely falling away – definitely just pants!

What are your first thoughts on fit?
Amanda: I’m making a wearable muslin so there was a good time investment before I was even able to try the jeans on…I was super relieved to put them on and zip the zipper! The pants are a bit too big – I will probably size down to a 12 next time – but I think I can make a lot of the needed adjustments at the side seam. I’ll need to take them in a good bit before assessing curves and smile-lines and all those fun things.

Kelly: The fit is definitely larger than I anticipated. My measurements correlated with the size 16, however I could have easily made the 12 or 14 for a better fit. I plan to only make an adjustment on the outer leg since I have already top stitched the inner leg and crotch areas.

Most helpful tips?
Amanda: Hold the topstitching thread as you begin stitching. I was getting nests and bunching and broken threads before I started using this great tip from the Masterclass column in the newest issue of Sew News (April/May 2018)!

Will Amanda & Kelly finish sewing their jeans? Join us next week for the jeans reveal!

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