Seeing is Learning in Sewing

I have always found it to be so much easier to learn by watching when it comes to sewing.

Maybe that's the reason that I've spent years studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Over the years, I've learned draping, couture sewing techniques, fashion illustration, and pattern-making from the top professionals in the fashion industry.

While there are loads of amazing books and magazines on sewing techniques, there is nothing quite like being able to see a technique in action firsthand.  

That's why I was so excited to discover the Stitch Workshop sewing series. There are three out so far and taken together as a group, you can really get a complete education on sewing, without ever having to leave your sewing room. That's perfect for those of us who would rather never leave our sewing rooms!

Here's a quick rundown of what you can find in the series:

Designer Liesl Gibson in her Brooklyn studio

Apparel Sewing Basics with Liesl Gibson: First of all, let me say that Liesl is an amazingly talented woman who creates those darlings of the children's pattern world: Oliver + S and Lisette sewing patterns.

Liesl started the pattern line when, after a career as a fashion designer, she left her job to start a family and wasn't too thrilled with what she was seeing in children's patterns. Her DVDs are worth watching if only to get a glimpse of her fabulous Brooklyn studio. But there's much more:

  • Step-by-step beginning garment sewing techniques
  • Gathering the right tools
  • Selecting and pre-washing fabrics
  • Preparing the pattern pieces
  • Basic seam techniques
  • Tips and tricks from her years as a clothing designer  

Button application from Seams, Closures + Hems

In Seams, Closures + Hems with Liesl Gibson, she takes it to the next level by demonstrating how to get professional results for your garment both inside and out, including:

  • Gorgeous seams like French and bias-bound
  • Installing zippers like a pro
  • Perfect buttonholes (that's one I love!)
  • Finishing hems from topstitched to curved to hand stitched
  • Inspiring design advice and interviews

Once you've finished with these two DVDs you really have some solid basics for create garments you'll wear proudly. 

Tricia Waddell

     Former Stitch editor Tricia Waddell

The final DVD of the trio is the icing on the cake: Sewing Tips and Tricks with Tricia Waddell. Tricia is the former editor of Stitch and she share some of her favorite techniques and easy projects, like:

  • Simple construction tips such as staystitching, understitching, and darts
  • Embellishment techniques like appliqué, beading, and hand embroidery
  • A sweater makeover, silk scarf, and more

Get your own copies of these DVDs in the Sew Daily shop. And be sure to let me know here on the Sew Daily blog if you have any favorite sewing tricks of your own. 

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