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I like to sew with silk, but, as you can imagine, such a fussy fabric can be a bear to work with. Every type of silk can behave differently. Some silks I have no problem with, others like silk crepe de chine and silk twill can give me nightmares. I made this kimono from a Butterrick pattern, it’s one of my favorites. It’s made using a silk crepe de chine, which can be challenging to work with.


My go-to tip for taming these beauties is spray stabilizer. It’s what I reach for first, because it’s so easy to use. I spray all the slipperiness right out.  If I have time I may use a more environmentally friendly approach. The best is the gelatin method I spoke of earlier, and it’s just kind of fun to do.

The more I sew with silk, the more I love it. I have yet to sew silk with any traditional couture techniques. I’m fully dependent on my sewing machine: I’m not ready to do hand work on silk. However, with all these fantastic sewing personalities coming through the studio door I’ve been really tempted to give it a try. They make it look so easy!

Some of the best in couture teaching have recently graced our studio. Most recent is Kenneth D. King. Kenneth was in the house taping a new couture sewing course for BurdaStyle.

Linda Lee stopped by too and taped a class all on creating high-end handbags. She’ll be having a webinar on November 15, this time on couture techniques for garments. Here are a few things I’ll be learning at the webinar as I join in with everyone.


  • How to install an invisible zipper without pins.
  • Secrets for achieving pucker-free sleeves!
  • How to use seam and hemming techniques for a couture look.
  • More tips on sewing with silk!
  • Learn about using the right tools to make couture sewing beautifully successful.

I can’t wait for this webinar. If you’re at all interested, check out the information below for the who, what, when and where. I hope you’ll join me!Linda Lee’s New Webinar!

Learn Techniques with Couture Results!
After this webinar you’ll rethink the tools you use, the way you stitch, press, mark and finish! Guide sheets are basically an order of construction. You will learn to make smart choices based on the fabric at hand and the equipment you own and then adjust your processes on demand. Join us on November 15th!

More Classes!


Learn To Sew Bags
Sew Custom Bags

Our latest course delves into the designer tricks used to create trendy bags. Learn the best materials and fabrics to use and techniques for the most common details seen in high-end designer bags.

With an in-depth look for everything you need to know to produce a well-made bag in a fine fabrics. You’ll have plenty of inspiration from Linda’s own creations plus, watch hands-on sewing techniques for precision sewing. Linda will explain all the techniques she uses for  better bag-making.

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