Patterns Printed On Fabric!? Learn All About It HERE!

BurdaStyle partners with Sprout Patterns to bring you digital patterns printed directly onto custom Spoonflower fabric.

Create one-of-a-kind garments using BurdaStyle digital patterns printed directly onto custom Spoonflower fabrics. There’s no need to print the pattern onto sheets of paper, tape them together and cut out your size. The size you need is digitally printed onto the fabric, along with a custom solid or print, allowing more time for sewing and less time for prep.

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Adding stenciling, stamping or embroidery repeats is one way to customize fabric yardage. To take it a step further, look to Spoonflower. The company has been manufacturing custom-printed fabric for 10 years at a reasonable cost, with more than 25 fabric types to choose from. Upload your own design or choose from thousands of unique designs in the Spoonflower library, pick the desired fabric type (including knit, performance and woven), and indicate the yardage needed.

Spoonflower also makes it possible for you to sell your own designs in their marketplace. For each design of yours that someone else uses, you receive a percentage of the sale. It’s a way to make a little change and apply it toward your next fabric purchase (or let it grow and cash out).


When working with digital garment patterns, it’s imperative that the sheets of paper are taped together precisely to ensure a proper fit. This process is often time consuming, and many people would rather purchase paper patterns to avoid the possibility of error. Some people love digital patterns because you can print as many copies as you need, allowing you to choose different views, style lines or sizes in future iterations.

Sprout Patterns works in tandem with Spoonflower fabrics by printing digital patterns directly onto fabric. The patterns are tested, uploaded into software, and then strategically placed with the fabric print, including notches and allowing a clear border around all edges. This process eliminates the need to print out the pattern, making both digital- and paper-pattern proponents happy.

When you purchase a Sprout pattern, it comes with the digital copy, too. You can tweak the pattern for future garments, use it as a basic block for different silhouettes and print it as many times as you like. The important thing is to use the digital version as reference for marking dart lines, pleats, zipper and pocket placements.


One of the main reasons to sew garments, other than personalization, is to achieve a perfect fit. This is not easily done with a pattern that’s already printed onto fabric. The BurdaStyle pattern collection available on Sprout was curated with that in mind. The garments are forgiving and have a lot of wearing ease built in to the designs, allowing for wiggle room if you’re between sizes.


Typically, patterns are either designed for a knit or a woven fabric. However, two of the BurdaStyle patterns available on Sprout are suited for either fabric type: the Mint Dress and Boho Blouse. The Spoonflower organic cotton knit ultra sews easily, much like a woven, but allows for greater movement, especially needed if you’re between sizes. If opting for a knit, choose this fabric type to ensure stability; avoid modern or spandex jersey and sport Lycra.

The recommended fabric types for each pattern are clearly stated on the purchase page in the drop-down menu. If desired, you can request a swatch of your intended fabric before purchase, or purchase a sample pack for $3 to feel each fabric type offered (shipping is free!).

Customize your own BurdaStyle/Sprout pattern at Sprout Patterns, where you can also upload fabric designs directly into your Spoonflower account. Share your creations on social media by adding #burdastyleforsprout to your post.

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