Pass On Your Passion for Sewing – And You Could Win

Sewists are a passionate group. Who else could get so excited about a new line of spring fabrics or an easy way to adapt a pattern? And we love to pass on our passion to others. In fact, I bet most of you learned how to sew from your mom, grandmother, aunt, or an enthusiastic teacher.


To celebrate National Craft Month, Sew Daily and Interweave’s other art and craft communities (Quilting Daily, Jewelry Making Daily, Cloth Paper Scissors Today, Beading Daily, Knitting Daily, and Crochet Me) have chosen to “pass on our passion” for art and crafts by teaching a friend (or two or three . . . ) to sew, create mixed-media art, collage, fabric art, jewelry, watercolor paintings, quilts, or any other technique or project you’ve always wanted to try throughout the month of March.


Right now, I’m particularly passionate about patternmaking, as I’m taking a class in the subject. And I have loved passing on my newfound techniques with you through this blog. Judging by the response, you’ve enjoyed reading about them, too. I also can’t wait to see your response to the new Summer 2012 issue of Stitch. That’s something I’ve been passionate about for months!

How will YOU pass on your passion?

Now it’s your turn to share. Who are you planning to teach sewing techniques to in March? Tell us how you are passing on your passion during National Craft Month! Simply comment on this post for your chance to win a copy of Cut-up Couture: Edgy Upcycled Garments to Sew and  Sewing Tips & Tricks with Tricia Waddell (DVD) (one gift for you and one for you to give your friend!). We’ll randomly choose one lucky winner from all the comments at 9 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday, March 23, so comment before then for your chance to win.

Now, go pass on your passion!

Happy Stitching!

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36 thoughts on “Pass On Your Passion for Sewing – And You Could Win

  1. During the month of March I am going to pass on the gift of sewing to my 8th grade science class. I am going to teach them to do pieced patchwork and sewing on embellishments in order to make art quilts with “found objects”. We are going to make these quilts in celebration of Earth Day which is April 20, 2012 this year. I have asked their parents to help by sending in supplies and items they find from around the house. So far, the kids seem pretty excited about this project. I can post pictures when we finish them! I am betting they will be beautiful!

  2. Starting a community access show on upcycling found treasures in to new items for the home and “remixed” “mashup” clothing. That is how I’m passing along my love of crafting and saving money!

  3. My friends have always wanted to learn the basics of sewing, so this month I am doing a work trade- I am teach a beginners class to them in my home and they are repaying in their art or skill. So my payment will be one homemade meal, One photo session, one crocheted scarf and one afternoon of fun teaching my friends my passion!

  4. I already teach several children’s sewing classes, but in the month of March I’m going to pass on the importance of knowing how to sew by hand. I have to remind myself that that is an important skill! Sewing by machine can be faster, but sometimes you just have to do it by hand.

  5. I’m making my very first quilt for my daughter, and I know she’s inspired because she has said when you learn you can show me. And I can’t wait to do just that!

  6. I pass on my passion to my 8 year old Granddaughter. I am teaching her to make little bags. She is having such a great time. Everyone in our family has recieved a bag from her. She closes them with velcro and attaches her signature button (a ladybug). Every kind of use from lipstick to laptop cover. She is very excited and just sews away with her little sewing machine I gave her for Christmas.

  7. During the month of March,, I have taken the time to teach my 16 year old granddaughter how to sew using my older sewing machine. She has been very eager about making curtains for her bedroom and has been attempting a runner for her bureau. I am glad that she is interested in sewing because I want to pass on my passion for sewing to the next generation. She made a beautiful unique pillow for her best friend and she was so proud of it. I think it is very nice to have a teenager in today’s world that is interested in something like sewing.

  8. I’m passing on the passion to my granddaughters by teaching them some basics. I can’t tell you how elated I feel when I see them get so excited with their projects. It also creates a greater bond between us.

  9. I am a garment maker, quilter, home dec, knitting, crochet, embroidery, jewelry, scrapbooker, card maker, etc, I make my own patterns, have designed clothering for customers, done weddings, painting, etc,
    I am teaching my passion of sewing to the younger generation so that sewing remains a critical part of their lives. If I don’t work on something every day in any of my crafts I consider it a wasted day. I live to create, It truly is a consuming passion and when I teach others they are excited and ready to go. I am always here for them if they hit a snag. I have many shortcuts and ways to embelish, fit perfectly and how to make their garments and have the only ones like them.

  10. Being a novice seamstress, I hope to refine my skills this year. In doing so, I am teaching my children to hand sew pillows for their beds (made from old clothes!). I am also moving back to my home state and plan to teach my sister to sew for her home. Wish us all luck!

  11. I am the one that has been learning to sew from friends, but now that I’ve gained some knowledge, I’m starting to write patterns/tutorials for projects to share with others on Instructables. My friends and I have also been taking classes together at the local craft store, and since I’ve got a bit of an edge, I am able to help them in classes and teach them a few trips that I’ve picked up along the way =)

  12. I am passing my passion to my 8 year old daughter. I show her all the fabric i buy and talk to her about it. We talk about colors and what we can make. It is a great spark to her creativity. We have talked about buying her some hand sewing items which is what sparked my passion as a child. I also love to sit and share all my great mags with her as well and ask her what i should make next.

  13. I am passing my passion to my 8 year old daughter. I show her all the fabric i buy and talk to her about it. We talk about colors and what we can make. It is a great spark to her creativity. We have talked about buying her some hand sewing items which is what sparked my passion as a child. I also love to sit and share all my great mags with her as well and ask her what i should make next.

  14. I’m just thrilled–my daughter said recently that she wants to learn to sew. She came over last week, and I taught her the basics. So next week she’s coming over–after buying a sewing machine, and I’m going to teach her more. I’m thrilled because she used to think that sewing was uncool. I used to make most of her adorable dresses when she was little.

  15. I’ve signed up for sewing classes ( always love learning new techniques and fitting) and am bringing along a friend who is new to sewing. I find that if I help someone else learn something new, it strengthens my skills at the same time. We’ll have a great time, I’m sure.

  16. My nieces are coming for a visit this month and I am giving them their first sewing lesson. We will be making a pillow and a bag. They are 14 + 16 and are excited for the lesson as I will take them to the fabric store to purchase a pattern & choose their desired material. Passing on my passion to the neices as I have sons. Although they have been taught general mending, neither had enough interest for any serious sewing.

  17. My granddaughters have moved on from stringing beads and picking out fabrics for mr to sew to wanting to sew theri own clothes. I look forward to leading this new project and can’t wait to see whre their imagination takes them.

  18. I plan to continue teaching my daughter basic sewing and embroidery. I am a beginner seamstress with big plans! Some day I would love to pass on what I know about many different crafts – I’m going to check around locally to see if there are any people who could help me with my sewing in exchange for letting me teach them about jewelry design and fabrication, journaling, design, beadwork, and/or photography. 🙂

  19. I am working with my young friend to sew accessories for her college wardrobe. She will be taking a simple sewing machine with her when she goes off to school in the fall but didn’t know how to use it. Scarves and bags are perfect for new sewists. I love the teaching, she loves the results.

  20. For me, passing on my love of sewing will be planned very simply as my Riccar sewing machine is set out on the dining room table, and when I have my usual Wednesday night meet up to knit with my food friend Lindsay, I’ll just show her my latest project (a sweet drawstring bag and the coordinated zippered case), at which point I’ll ask if she’d like to make a quick case herself right now? I’m sure that ought to be the hook to get her into sewing just like I got her into knitting (& she is well on her way to being an avid knitter already)!

  21. I’m planning to teach my 9yr old son some sewing basics and to encourage friends to take up quilting (which is something new I am learning too!), by sharing how to make some of my newest quilted projects.

  22. I am a sewing instructor and I love to teach people how to sew all year round. This march is especially meaningful to me because I get to start over with a completely new fabric stash. I lost all my equipment and fabric in an apartment fire last year.the first thing I made after the fire was a quilt top made from salvaged bits fabric recovered after the fire. I sewed the quilt top on a donated machine. Sewists look out for each other. I eentered the quilt top in a fiber arts show. I hoped to bring awareness to the fact that our community of over 100,000 has no. Homeless shelter. 10 families lost their home that day. Thanks stitch magazine for giving me and my students such wonderful inspiration.

  23. I am teaching my daughter to sew. We are starting with activities to improve her dexterity, like beading and knitting on a loom and then I hope to move her onto hand sewing and sewing with a machine… Not sure at what age to use the sewing machine, I guess I’ll just have to see how she does.