One Giant Step for Stitch!

When I first came on board at Stitch, I was so excited for the prospects for the fledgling modern sewing magazine. I have been a sewing editor for a while, but I had never seen a magazine brand that had such an affectionate, enthusiastic, and engaged audience base. I like to call Stitch the "lovebug magazine" because it engenders such a passionate response. We are constantly getting love letters and running into dedicated fans at events. Always, the first thing we hear is: "I love Stitch!"



Stitch Fall 2013 is the
first subscription issue!

Stitch started out in 2008 and came out with just a single issue, developed by founding editor Tricia Waddell. Many people at Interweave donated their time and talent to create that first issue, and it truly was a labor of love. The magazine had such an overwhelmingly positive response that two issues came out the next year and by the time I arrived in 2011, the issue was a newsstand quarterly with a special Gifts issue.

Since then, we've added Stitch with Style as another special issue, and now, as of the Fall 2013 issue, we have become a quarterly subscription magazine. When you are an editor on a newsstand magazine, it just doesn't get any better than going to subscription!

It's the Stitch (and!) community that has made Stitch thrive. The magazine is a living reflection of the modern sewing design community, and many of the readers are also contributors. How can you not love something that you are a part of making?

If you are thinking about how you would love to contribute to Stitch, please don't hesitate. For every issue we have a call for submissions, which includes inspiring themes and palettes. We have a list we send this call to and if you would like to be added, please drop us a note at Otherwise, check regularly and download the call for submissions there.

To get your subscription to Stitch now and be a part of something big, visit the Sew Daily Shop.

Have you considered submitting to Stitch? Let us know!

Happy stitching. 




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