National Bikini Day: Show Off Your Curves!

Happy National Bikini Day!

When it comes to bikini body, we’re team put your body in a bikini. And team sew your own – along with 45% of our Facebook community! Whether you’ve sewn 1 swimsuit or 10 two pieces, the swimsuit making – and wearing – experience can be transformative.

We spoke to several members of the online sewing community to get their take on the experience, pros and cons and if they’ll sew a swimsuit again. Here are a few of our favorite insights on the process. You can read the full article in the June/July 2018 issue of Sew News.

National Bikini Day

Sarah Kirsten, @sarkirsten 
Sewing a swimsuit helps me separate my perception of my body from how it fits into swimsuits. A swimsuit is just fabric cut and sewed together. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t mean my body isn’t beautiful. The cut of the fabric should change to fit me. Not me to fit the cut of the fabric.

Karry Brook, @karry.brook
Sewing my own swimsuit was so transformational! I’d have never had the courage to buy a suit like I made if I hadn’t sewn it myself. There’s something in the actual construction of sewing that just gives you the confidence to own it.

Tracy Mcelfresh, @tracysews 
Making my own suit gave me additional insight into the definition of my body in a way that other outfits have not. I’m more comfortable with my curves and have a confident relationship with both the swimwear and my body. Also, when I wear my swimwear so many people ask me about it, and I get to talk about sewing and educate people.

Alexandra Herrmann, @sailorgirlalex 
Sewing my own swimwear makes me feel comfortable and confident with my body because it fits! I’m not only proud that I can make my own swimwear with my own two hands but I’m also proud and satisfied how good I look in my me-mades. It’s all about self-love, and I believe you need good fitting clothes for that.

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