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I am so happy to be on board as the new editor of Stitch magazine and I've been sewing all my life and am a great admirer of Interweave's products. What perfect timing that there's a big sale just as I join Stitch and Sew Daily!

Who doesn’t love a sale, right? And when that sale is about all things sewing (books, DVDs, videos, eMags and more), there’s a lot to love. I’m having a hard time deciding just what I want to put on my wish list (can I just have one of each?), but I have selected a few favorites in particular:

Sew LiberatedSew Liberated: Author Meg McElwee has an amazing blog and she’s funneled her considerable talent into this fantastic book that’s all about applique. What I can’t decide is what I am going to make first: the Bird in Hand Laptop Bag; the Heirloom Duvet Cover, or the Petit Artist Smock. Plus, I can learn all about the history of applique and learn techniques while creating fresh, modern designs. Can’t wait!

Sewing Tips and Tricks with Tricia WaddellSewing Tips and Tricks with Tricia Waddell: While it’s great to read about sewing, when you are just starting out there’s nothing like learning from watching. Follow along as former Stitch editor Tricia Waddell demonstrates easy construction and embellishment techniques, while sharing inspiring projects, like the Mosaic Scarf and Custom Sewing Labels, that will have you designing in no time. I plan to keep this around as a quick refresher when I need to remind myself of the best way to staystitch, understitch or sew darts and to spark my creativity with hand embroidery basics and simple bead embroidery. This one’s definitely a keeper!

In StitchesIn Stitches eMag: Sewists, meet the future! I am completely enthralled by the In Stitches eMag from Quilting Arts. It has videos of quilting artists in their studios demonstrating their secrets; you can zoom in on quilt details, or watch a slideshow of the artist’s work. It’s really in-depth and this is a truly multimedia magazine experience in every sense of the word. I am starting with Volume 1 (for PC, but it’s also available for Macintosh), so I can begin at the beginning. Several other editions are on sale as well.

Like I said, so many choices, and these are just a very few. Check out the Sew Daily shop for dozens of items on sale now . Now I just have to decide if I am going to curl up with a good sewing book, pop in a DVD or pull up an eMag on my screen. Hey, it’s all about options.

P.S. Share your favorite sewing resources on today's Sew Daily blog!

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