MeMadeMay: What It Is And How You Can Participate!

If you’re seeing lots of selfies in your Instagram feed, you’re probably well aware that Me Made May is upon us, also known (on Instagram) as #memademay and #mmm. The month-long challenge has been around for many years; it was started in 2010 by Zoe Edwards.

Me Made May 2018

“Me Made May kind of evolved from a personal challenge I set for myself in 2010 while living in Barcelona, Spain. I wanted to see if I could really rely on the clothes that I’d been making myself, so I decided to wear only me-made things (excluding bras, socks, tights and shoes) for the duration of March that year. It was a really illuminating experience, and I wanted to try it again in a slightly warmer month, so I announced my plan via my blog and asked if anyone wanted to join me (outlining the specifics of their own challenge), and I was surprised that about 80 people decided do so! And the rest, as they say… Last year we had at least 800 people ‘officially’ taking part. In more recent years, participants have really taken to social media to connect and interact with each other, although that aspect is entirely optional. The challenge is trying to fulfill your own pledge. Taking outfit selfies and sharing them is in no way compulsory!”

Me Made May 2018

Participation is fairly simple and open to interpretation: Wear me-mades as much as possible in the month of May. Document the outfits with daily wardrobe shots or weekly roundups (or not at all).

Whether you’ve participated for many years or want to try for the first time in 2018, have a specific goal in mind or are simply looking to celebrate a handmade wardrobe, the challenge offers a variety of lessons for participants. Below, participants share their thoughts and goals for the new year.

Here’s what a few of us at Sew News headquarters think about the challenge!

Kate Zaynard
I’m planning to participate again with a slightly elevated goal from last time — wear at least one me-made garment every weekday. My closet is expanded from last year, so it shouldn’t be too hard! I didn’t make as many transitional-weather clothes post last May as I had hope, but I’ve made enough that I’m not too worried about what I’ll do if we have another chilly May.

Jill Case (@denversewingcollective)
I had fun last year participating in Me Made May. It was my first time committing to the entire month. This year I plan on wearing my me-made garments, but probably won’t be doing 31 selfies! I plan on making a few pants to throw into the mix as well as some knit tops. I hope the weather cooperates. I’ve put all my fall/winter things away!

Amanda Carestio (@ac_makes)
I think I’m going to participate this year, with the same goal as last year: wearing me-made separates together! And maybe re-circulate a few older makes that haven’t gotten much wear lately. I’m also hoping to sew a few basics during the month (mostly tops), but it’s always exciting to see where all that inspiration will lead! I think an everyday selfie is probably not in the cards…pondering some creative ways to document my month!

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