Meeting Our Stitch People at Portland's Magical International Quilt Market

International Quilt Market/Spring, held last week in Portland, Ore., was a very special event. First, Portland is a hub for the handmade crowd, and it's also a magical and quirky town. Plunk down the bustling Interntional Quilt Market in the midst of this, with mouthwatering fabrics and products, and you have quite a show on your hands.

Stitch contributing editors
Susan Beal and Kevin Kosbab
at the Modern Domestic party.

Contributing editors Linzee McCray,
far left, and Kevin Kosbab, far right,
Jenny Gordy, Codi Josephson, and
Greta Songe, from left to right,
at Spring Quilt Market.  

  Kevin and I sit in the swan at the
Michael Miller booth.  

What made International Quilt Market/Spring even more special was that we had three contributing editors for Stitch (Susan Beal, Kevin Kosbab, and Linzee Kull McCray)  and loads of Stitch artists  on premise and we all had a chance to meet  and walk the show and share our impressions … face to face!. It was like a blue-moon event, but better and rarer.

International Quilt Market as always was overly stimulating and stuffed to the gills with artists, designers, vendors, and lots of gorgeous stuff you want to take promptly home to your sewing studio. We plan to do a big fabric story in an upcoming Stitch and I'm sure that I'll be sharing more of my impressions from Spring Market over the next few weeks, but equally amazing were all the conversations and events that surrounded Market. Portland artists were so gracious in opening their shops, studios and homes to visitors, and it added special warmth to the weekend. Plus, it made me realize how amazingly connected the Stitch community is.

On Friday evening, Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns, who was featured recently in Stitch, had an open studio featuring Amy Butler's fabrics, and it was the kind of sewing-celeb-studded party where one conversation was better than the next.

Simultaneously, Modern Domestic sewing studio was hosting an event by the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, which I hear was just as packed as Colette's. I can imagine because by the time I showed up there was still a bustling crowd. And on Saturday, the Modern Quilt Guild had another event near the convention center that was just as jam-packed. I can't tell you how utterly indulgent it felt to be able to share sewing chatter with others who are just as passionate.

With me being in Boston/New York, Kevin in Stockton, Calif., Susan in Portland, and Linzee in Iowa City, the likelihood of all of us being together at a show again is remote, but it was great while it lasted!

I wound up the weekend at Susan's lovely home, having a quiet dinner and sharing all the ideas that had been sparked by Market. What a way to wind down a whirlwind. I wish you could have been there!

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Do you have a place where you can connect with other sewists and share creative energy? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!




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  1. Where on earth did you come up with the term “sewist”? We who sew have long been called a seamstress and since I mostly make quilts a quilter. But “sewist”? Somehow, all that this term does for me is to cause irritation. I have been a long time subscriber to “Threads” magazine, and I don’t think that they are using this silly term. Are you thinking that you need a new term just because you have a simple magazine for beginners? Please reconsider.