Meet Caroline Hulse, Sew Caroline blogger & Author Of The New Book Sew Caroline Weekend Style

Meet the author: Caroline Hulse 

Popular Sew Caroline blogger and pattern designer Caroline Hulse has a self-proclaimed passion for handmade fashion. But as fans of her namesake blog, Sew Caroline, already know, she also has a talent for designing comfy clothes that look great. In her new book, Sew Caroline Weekend Style, Caroline strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, assembling a collection of beginner-friendly patterns for just about any weekend adventure—from an afternoon picnic to a night out with friends. We caught up with the busy pattern and fabric designer to ask about her new book and where she finds inspiration.

SD: When did you first start sewing?

CH: I started sewing and blogging about 7 years ago with no intention of making it a career. I quickly fell in love with creating things on my sewing machine and subsequently blogging about them. I found myself taking patterns and completely hacking them until they were unrecognizable. That’s when I decided to start drafting my own patterns. With a lot of patience and research I designed and published my first pattern in 2014. Since then, I’ve released numerous patterns for women with many more in the pipeline!

Caroline Hulse: Sew Caroline Weekend Style

SD: What inspired you to write Sew Caroline Weekend Style

CH: I wanted to create a book full of patterns that were easy to make and wear. Comfortable style has always been my go-to and that’s what I wanted to relay in the patterns that I designed for Sew Caroline Weekend Style.

SD: Where do you get ideas?

CH: I love finding inspiration and getting new ideas from things I see in retail stores. I’ll take design elements from several articles of clothing and mash them into one to create a fun new look.

SD: What are your favorite items to sew?

CH: Anything made out of knit! I love comfy t-shirts and t-shirt dresses. But a close second is shorts. I love sewing shorts because they don’t take a ton of fabric or time.

SD: Do you have any favorite projects from Sew Caroline Weekend Style?

CH: The Larchmont Tee and Tilly Tee are some of my favorites. And the Saturday Morning Shorts… They’re sooo easy for summer pajamas!

SD: Are there any projects you haven’t explored yet that you would like to try?

CH: I have been itching to make a pair of well-fitted blue jeans and just haven’t had a chance between two pregnancies in two years. As soon as I have this current baby, I am making myself do it. I have all the supplies and instructions, just haven’t made them yet. I am so excited to try it out!

SD: Do you have any advice for readers who want to try designing their own patterns?

CH: Just go for it! Draw out a design you’d like to make, do your research on how to design/draft it yourself, or hire someone to draft it for you. Designing and drafting is a lot of work, but so rewarding. It’s such an amazing feeling to see your designs being sewn by other sewing enthusiasts!

SD: What sewing tip has helped you the most?

CH: One thing that has always stuck with me is that there is not ONE right way to do something. It’s so freeing to know that there are many ways to achieve one task, so just go for it! And if you mess it up, just try again!

Just for Fun…

SD: Do you have a favorite fabric line?

CH: I’m a fabric designer for Art Gallery Fabrics and my most recent line, Here Comes the Fun, is my all-time favorite. I love the colors, the vibe, and the whole shebang!

SD: What’s your favorite sewing tool.

CH: My Janome Skyline S9 sewing machine and my Fiskars micro-tip snips! I can’t do any projects without these little guys!


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