Making My Sewing To-Do List for 2016! What’s On Your List?

Making lists and checkin’ them twice!


I love the ending of the old year. It’s amazing how old the year feels by December. Looking back at the 2015 there’s a lot that I didn’t accomplish. I wanted to go back to school and enroll in night classes. There were trips that were planned but, maybe next year, right?

There’s a growing pile of sewing projects I didn’t finish or even start. My sewing/office is a mess. Plus, I need to finish decorating my living room and reupholster a set of chairs.  With all the events, plans, sewing projects left undone maybe that’s why I look forward to the New Year – it’s a clean slate.

As for 2016 you may remember me talking about sewing a ball gown. I’m not 100% committed to this yet.  It’s a big commitment in money and fabric. Plus, it’s a very extravagant project. However, something is telling me if I don’t do it now I’ll never get it done. I have a few more weeks to decide and then I need to start planning. A local fabric store in my area, Colorado Fabrics has a big sale on New Year’s Day and that was the day I would plan to purchase my sample fabric. So, I need to make a commitment to this project or move on.

What do you have planned sewing or otherwise for 2016? Do you have big plans to push yourself and your sewing skills to the next level? Or maybe you want to try a new craft such as knitting, beading or maybe machine embroidery? Which reminds me of another item on my to do list, learn how to machine embroider!

I love getting my to-do lists ready for the next year. And, I think my list for 2016 is going to be a big one. How about you? Let me know what’s on your sewing to-do list for 2016. And, do you think I should make that ball gown?

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