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When I came to work at Interweave, I was very impressed with how each of the editors here took a small and nondescript workspace and made it into something that reflected both themselves and the publications they work for. They inspired me to mold my own space to be a place that would inspire me about sewing each day.

I tried to bring items into my workspace that I love and that remind me of what a great craft magazine I work for. I feel so lucky to be involved with sewing for my work!

On one wall, I hung some favorite fashion illustrations that I have drawn and next to them stands a vintage dress form that is often wearing a garment from a current issue. In the corner, I have a knick-knack stand that belonged to my great-grandmother that I have painted an acid green. It holds a few sewing-related items, including a basket of notions for anything that needs a quick fix. More importantly, it keeps the spirit of my great-grandmother close at hand. She loved to sew and was a published poet. I like to think that she helps me write on those days when I am having writer's block!

On my bulletin boards, I have posted an issue inspiration board, including all the projects and palettes from the current issue so that I can see the upcoming magazine at a glance. I also have other images that inspire me, as well as a first place ribbon my puppy won at a recent show. It's just a few simple touches, but they keep me in touch with my craft and make my space happy and personalized.

My corner curio stand handed
down from my great grandmother.

My issue inspiration board!

My fashion illustrations and a dress form
sporting a garment from the latest issue.










Speaking of happy and personalized spaces, have you seen Studios Spring 2012? It's filled with all sorts of amazing studios and workspaces from all over the country. On every page I look at there is another great idea for storage or eye candy. You can find it in the Sew Daily Shop.

How have you personalized the spaces in your life to remind you of sewing and inspire you in your craft? Tell us about it on the Sew Daily blog!

Happy stitching!




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2 thoughts on “Make Your Space Sew-Inspired

  1. This looks like such a lovingly created space, this is one area where I need to work. Right now my sewing space looks like a shop floor and not in a good way.