Make A Metal Frame Bag

Have you started sewing metal frame bags?

I finally jumped in and created my first metal frame bag, and I love it!

Metal frame bags
Style and Swing by Susan Dunlop

I used the Purse-Frame Clutch pattern from  Style & Swing 12 Structured Handbags. If you’re looking for cute bags and purses Susan Dunlop has lovely soft structured bags of all shapes and sizes.

I like this particular pattern because of it’s size. I already have a coin size metal frame bag and I wanted one that I could use for a night out on the town.

This pattern is a nice roomy size. I did alter the pattern a bit, in that I just made the bag main fabric all one piece.

Metal Frame Bags
Style and Swing Book

The patterns in her book are all very clear and this project will take you less than an hour. However! The glue part is hands down the most annoying part of the project. I used an industrial glue E6000 that can be found in hardware and craft stores.

Be warned that glue is stinky. If you have any type of chemical sensitivities this is not the glue to use. I would recommend Gutermann Creative, it has a very low odor to it.

Tips for making any metal frame bag.

  • When placing the glue on the metal frame be sure to work over a work table or spread newspaper or the like on your work surface.
  • If you use a glue like E6000 work outside or in a ventilated area (don’t do this at work in an enclosed room, like I did!).
  • Don’t add to much glue to the point that it squishes outside the channels.  I used an old envelope opener to disperse the glue evenly.
  • Let the glue sit for 2-3 minutes just long enough for it to become tacky.
  • Working on one side of the frame start by inserting the purse fabric into the side part of the frame. Work on the other side and then insert the top part of the bag. You have time to get it all right before the glue dries, so don’t panic.
  • Use a soft pointed item like a knitting needle, chopstick or spoon to push the fabric well inside the channel.
  • Let dry. I let my set overnight and then I did the other side.
  • I was able  to clean up any smudges of glue with nail polish remover. Be careful with using this so that you don’t get any on the fabric.

Here’s my version of the metal frame bag.

I did not use the string inside the channel. Some directions call for this step. All the string does is had a bit more grip. But, I found the glue I used was quite strong. The fabric I used is from years ago. It’s a laminated cotton with Hollywood starlets on it.

So, what do you think? Are you into making metal framed bags?



Unfortunately, we have sold out of Style and Swing book. Please check out these easy to sew patterns for a similar bag!

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