Loads of School-Themed Goodies in Stitch Fall 2012

One of my favorite sections from Stitch Fall 2012 is the School Days section. It's filled with school-themed gifts that you can make for and with children, as well as a gift that thou both can make for their teachers. Here are a few of my favorites

Snack Bags by Rosemarie DeBoer

Fuzzy Hedgehog Tote by Cheryl Bush

Check out the Snack Bags by Stitch Assistant Editor Rosemarie DeBoer. Made from waterproof material, it's an earth-friendly way for your kids to store their schooltme snacks.

The Fuzzy Hedgehog Tote by Cheryl Bush is one stylin' way to send kids off to their first day of school. The adorable carrying case is roomy enough to hold any needed school supplies . And there's a pillow version of the Fuzzy Hedgehog as well.

For naptime, nothing beats the Bunny Nap Roll by Jennifer Wolak, which is literally a big bunny that children can unroll to take a nap on. Best of all, the bunny ears secure the rolled up mat. Don't you wish you had one for yourself, too!

For practicing writing the ABCs or just doodling,  the Chalkboard Mat by Lisa Anderson is a clever combination of chalkboard fabric and easy-clean oilcloth. Children will love sprawling on the mat to work on writing and drawing skills

And to really make a good first impression, send kids off to school with the School Days Teacher's Set. gift by June McCrary Jacobs. The matching notebook and bookmark make for a charming duo, better than an apple any day of the week. And this gift set is perfect to make with children!

That's just the beginning of Stitch Fall 2012. Check it out in the Sew Daily Shop.

 Do you have any special gifts ideas commemorate the start of school? Tell us about it below.

Happy stitching!


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