It Takes a Village to Make an Outfit

 I know that by the time the Spring 2013 issue gets into your hands it will all look absolutely, perfectly gorgeous,  but there is a lot that goes into it getting there!

A project goes from proposal …

… to photographeded and ready for you!

Take the Uptown / Downtown Skirt by Charise Randell in the Simply Skirts section of Stitch Spring 2013. Charise has an extensive professional  fashion design background, so her work is pretty polished by the time it gets to us, but it's still a long haul from sketch to magazine.

It all starts with the proposal, about six months before the magazine goes to the printer. That usually includes the sketch or sample of the project. We always try to use the latest fabrics, so there may be some back and forth on fabrics.

From there the project arrives, along with the instructions, illustrations and patterns, and it starts the editorial process. After checking to make sure we have everything we need, Assistant Editor Rosemarie DeBoer, the technical editor (we have been searching and hope to announce the new staff member soon!), and I sharpen our pencils and go to work, making sure that everything is letter-perfect and crystal clear.

From there the project goes to be photographed. Art Director Larissa Davis works with our stylist Dana Ferguson and photographer Larry Stein to make the stunning sets, including painting and repainting the background walls. The stylist shops up a storm to get the perfect props and shoes, and we all work for three frenzied days to get the 30+ projects and more shot.

Next the garment goes to the pattern-maker Bernie Kulisek out West, who creates a professionally graded pattern. And when it arrives back, we do more detail shots of any special techniques we want to highlight. The projects definitely get the star treatment!

From there, Stitch designer Jocelin Damien and the art production team work their incredible design magic to create the amazing layouts that make Stitch so mouthwatering. These layouts go through at least three more rounds of proofing and fact-checking (thank you to  intern Christine French for her unrelenting quest for accuracy!), and it's sent to our production guru Kate Binder. We keep sending layout files back and forth until it's perfect, and off to the printer. Patterns are checked and rechecked and uploaded.  One more month to go, and it's in your mailbox, on the Zinnio newsstand, on the real newsstand, on your iPad (this is our first issue!), and on the Sew Daily site.

And hopefully from the magazine to your sewing machines and into your closets! Whew!

To get Stitch Spring 2013 (including the new iPad version!), visit the Sew Daily Shop.

Now that you know what goes on behind the scenes here, tell us what happens once you get that hot-off-the-press issue of Stitch in your hands. We'd love to know!

Happy stitching!

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