Introducing Craft Daily!

Two things are vital for my ongoing love affair with sewing–technical instruction and visual inspiration. Now both of these are available with one click of my mouse.

The new Craft Daily site is up and running–with streaming videos for sewists who want to improve their skills and be inspired to expand their sewing horizons. Craft Daily makes these videos available anytime and anywhere. Introducing your new sewing resource:

Online education manager Laura Esposito
gives a preview of how Craft Daily works.
Watch it here.
Watch Tricia Waddell demonstrate helpful
tips for garment sewing.

When I attend sewing workshops or take classes at my local shop, I always come away energized. I'm inspired to try new sewing techniques–and I also have been given the skills to move ahead successfully with more advanced projects.

Watching someone insert a zipper, hem an a-line skirt, or demonstrate an embellishment proves the old proverb that a picture is worth a thousand words.

When a technique is new or unfamiliar to me, I also find that I don't need to see it once. I may need to see it done three or four times–and, I'm not ashamed to admit it–ten or eleven times.

If you want to expand or enhance your skills, Craft Daily will bring all the sewing classes you would want to attend right to any of your devices with a strong internet connection (Mac, PC, iOS). Watch what you want and when you want.

You can also build a library of your favorite videos, so you can keep track of those you've seen and want to watch again. I've been meaning to brush up on some of my dormant quilting skills–I'd like to be able to free-motion quilt better than I do now. Attending some Craft Daily classes while I have my next project in front of me is sure to reduce my frustration and increase my free-motion skills!

Check out Craft Daily. Previews of each video are available so you can get a flavor of what each one offers. It's brand-new, so take a look.  

Happy stitching,

P.S. Craft Daily is not just for sewists. Take a break from sitting at your machine to fine-tune your knitting skills, brush up on your collage techniques, or dip into jewelry making. With Craft Daily, you can expand your boundaries and bring talented artisans directly to your desktop. 

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