In Search of an Easy Summer Pattern

I feel pretty lucky because, being the editor of Stitch, I have a seemingly limitless supply of modern sewing patterns at my fingertips. Most of them I have been familiar with since they were … well … an email proposal! 

The large panel has a contrasting
serged edge. No hemming required!

The yellow swatch will be
a gathered panel insert.

  This horizontal print is
perfect for the waistband.

I do a lot of dreaming about these patterns. What I love about Stitch is that it is a living, breathing reflection of a talented design community. If I had all the time in the world, I would spend much of it making up Stitch patterns. I just love the projects that much. But, alas, I don't have that much time.

So I am in search of an easy pattern.

A while back I wrote about some vintage barkcloth upholstery samples that I fell in love with at a Rhode Island antiques mall. There were three swatches: one big, one medium, and one small. I knew I wanted to make a '50s-inspired gathered skirt with the fabric, but I had to have the right pattern. Enter the Vintage Embroidered Skirt by Rebecca Smith from Stitch Summer 2013. It's just two squares and no pattern required. Perfect!

Because the barkcloth is such a statement on its own, I have choses to forego the embroidery. And the sample edges are serged with contrasting yellow thread, so I also decided to keep that cool detail and eliminate the need for a hem. This is getting easier and easier.

The problem came in with negotiating three different pieces and prints. I chose the small piece for the waistband (the print worked perfectly for this), the large piece for the bulk of the gathered skirt, and the medium piece for a gathered panel insert in the front of the skirt.

Would you believe that after I measured and cut everything that I came out with exactly enough for two skirts? Okay, I know that this was supposed to be easy and now I will be making two exact skirts. I guess I have to find someone who likes vintage-style skirts as much as I do.

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Have you ever made a two of the same project because you had too much fabric? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Happy stitching!

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3 thoughts on “In Search of an Easy Summer Pattern

  1. I haven’t sewn two of the same garment, but I just finished two identical quilts – and there is enough fabric left for a third. Now to find 3 little boys that love Bob the Builder!

  2. Although I have never made two of the same project because I had leftover fabric, if I ever did, I would probably keep the second one to wear when the other one wore out. Yes, I love my fabric that much 🙂

  3. I do it all the time with pants patterns, especially jeans or cotton twill pants. Sometimes I even have enough left over to make a pair of capris from the same pattern. I will usually add embroidery or a touch of something (piping or trim) to one of them or both just to make them appear different. But they are exactly the same. It’s the beauty of sewing, we can be creative and frugal at the same time.