I Want Sew Daily!

EP2170I wanted to make sure you knew about this cool thing we recently launched, called Sew Daily. It’s a free email newsletter you can receive every Friday that gives you contemporary sewing projects, techniques, designer interviews, and inspiration.  (Okay, so I know it’s technically “weekly” even though it’s called Sew Daily, but the more people sign up for it, the more often it will come out!) The newsletter will also offer you special discounts on Stitch and other sewing products, which is exciting because who doesn’t need more sewing inspiration on their shelf!

What is really exciting is that early next year we will be launching a Sew Daily community website where you will find tons more sewing inspiration and resource information, including video technique tutorials. It will also have forums where you can share sewing tips with each other and upload your versions of Stitch projects (I love seeing these!)  And I’m particularly looking forward to doing sew-a-longs with you. We will vote on a project to make, agree on a deadline, and then upload photos of the finished creations, each with our own unique touches.  Good stuff, right!

So if you haven’t already done it, sign up for Sew Daily here and join the party!

Happy Sewing,

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