Heart Pincushion Project With Free Pattern

Cross Your Heart Pincushion Project

What better time than February to stitch up a heart shaped pincushion. Follow this quick and easy tutorial to make one for yourself and a sewing buddy or two.


Download the heart pattern.


• 1⁄4 yard of red print fabric (fabric A)

• Two 4”-squares of contrasting print fabric (fabric B)

• Matching all-purpose thread

• 3⁄4”-diameter button or covered button kit

• Polyester fiberfill

• Hand sewing needle

Use ¼” seam allowances.

Cross Your Heart


From fabric A, cut two 4”-squares and one 7”-square. Position one fabric A 4”-square and one fabric B square with right sides facing, aligning the outer edges. Stitch one side. Press the seam allowance in one direction. Repeat with the remaining fabric A 4”-square and fabric B square.

Position the two pieced strips with right sides facing so that each square faces a contrasting square.Make sure the center seams match. Stitch one long edge. Press the seam allowance downward.

Position the heart pattern over the pieced square right side, matching the pattern intersection point with the seam intersection point.

Trace around the pattern outer edge. Flip over the pattern and trace around the outer edge again. Cut out the heart. Trace the heart pattern onto the fabric A 7”-square. Cut out the heart. Position the pieced and fabric A hearts with right sides facing, aligning the outer edges. Stitch around the heart perimeter, leaving a 2 ½” opening along one long side for turning.

Clip and trim the seam allowance.Turn the heart right side out. Stuff the heart with fiberfill, using a knitting needle or chopstick to push the fiberfill into the corners. Slipstitch the opening closed.

If you’re using a covered button kit, cover the button with a fabric scrap following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thread the needle with a double strand of thread. Knot the thread ends. Insert the needle at the pieced intersection point, bringing it out on the heart fabric A side. Bring it back up through the intersection point, pulling the thread to create an indentation. Repeat to secure the indentation.

Position the button over the pieced intersection point. Stitch the button in place, knotting the thread ends beneath it.

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