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Corduroy Patchwork Handbag - Rebeka Lambert
One Pleat Skirt - Beki Wilson

Digital Sewing Patterns to the Rescue!

Excerpted from Ready Set Sew—January 7, 2011

Help! I need new sewing patterns fast because I officially have no more space to store my mushrooming fabric stash. What's a fabric-obsessed girl severely lacking in storage like me to do?

Whether you call them e-patterns, downloadable patterns, or digital patterns, I call them instant sewing gratification. I push a button, and I instantly have full-size pattern pieces and instructions downloaded to my hard drive and printing out on my printer. Yep, that's right–no waiting, no trudging out to the store, and no stalking of the mail person waiting for a pattern to arrive in the mail. I see it, I buy it, and I have it in my hot little hands instantly. It's magic!

Now some of you are already hip to digital sewing patterns and have been happily using them. They are definitely a growing trend. Whether you are short on space in your sewing room, looking for new sewing designs, or love to shop online, digital sewing patterns are the answer.

If you have never used a digital sewing pattern, here's how it works:

Like you, I have a stash of commercial sewing pattern packets, and I sew from magazine patterns all the time. It's really the same process. With digital patterns, you just print out the instructions and full-size pattern or templates on a series of 8½ x 11 sheets of paper, then tile the pattern sheets like a giant puzzle on the floor. Don't worry, it's not like a game of Concentration-every sheet is clearly marked so you know the order of sheets. Then simply tape the sheets together and either cut out the pattern pieces or trace them onto sewing-pattern paper. You get everything you need to start sewing immediately, and it's super easy!

One of my main goals with Stitch has always been to promote talented independent and up-and-coming designers and to offer readers fresh contemporary sewing patterns. If there is a particular project that you love and you just want that one project (or two, or three), you can download single patterns from our online store instantly. And because all patterns are 30% off during our Fall Pattern Sale, now is the perfect time to download your favorites.

So you have the fabric (I know you do), you know where you can get a cool pattern instantly, what are you waiting for?

Start sewing!

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Contemporary Sewing Patterns

  1. Okay, Miss Tricia, you got me – I’ve been sewing for years, enjoy Sewing Daily immensely, but could never figure out how an ePattern (for sewing) would work. Would I have to draw written instructions onto pattern paper? Would it involve rulers, yards sticks, protractors and hours of frustration?
    Thanks for the clarification. I think I can manage printing and taping. Now I’m off for some much needed retail therapy, as I too, love to support up and coming designers.

  2. i mean like i can make stuff for my mom out of fabric easy nice an awesome fabric and i have made stuff for my mom already to right now i just working on something’s though an canda board though