FREE Download: Hanukkah garland sewing pattern

UPDATE: The Hanukkah Garland sewing pattern has been updated to include the triangle templates.

Hanukkah garland sewing pattern

Shalom, Sew Daily friends! Did you know your ole pal Veronica is actually part Jewish? Mazel tov to me! Shout out to the other Veronica’s and Monica’s who are also Jewish and rhyme with this festival of lights. Just call me Veronica Hanukkah this week.

Veronica menorah

Like my menorah? Here it is from last night’s Night 4 festivities. My husband gets a kick out of the way I recite the blessing, which I’m sorry to say isn’t very good.

You can also see the extent of my Hanukkah decorations in that photo, which is that little sack of chocolate gelt. That’s all I’ve got, folks. Christmas definitely dominates the house, which is why I’m sewing up the Hanukkah Garland pictured above to add some pizzazz to my home’s Hanukkah territory. It’s perfect for stash/scrap busting, and a great way to entertain little Hanukkah revelers when they’re tired of playing dreidel.

The best part is you can sew this garland up with me, too, by downloading it from this post!

Since I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, most corners of my house end up decorated. My mom is Jewish and my dad is Christian, for those wondering, but my mom is a huge fan of Christmas. She used to tell us about how much she envied her neighbors’ houses full of Christmas décor and festivities. She would wrap jump ropes around one of the shrubs in front of her house and call it a Hanukkah bush. That’s probably why my brother and I grew up in a house that rivaled Clark Griswold’s.

If you celebrate Hanukkah exclusively, try sewing up some of our other winter-themed projects to partake in the season. Shop Sew It All has great snowflake coasters, a snowflakes machine embroidery design collection and a snowflakes quilt pattern. The Sew Daily Shop also has these cute snowflake place mats. If you have extra stars from the garland, you could definitely put those on place mats, pillows or just about anything else that needs some jazzing.

Veronica Hanukkah

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