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Sewing is a solo sport, and that solitude and peace that I find in sewing is one of the things that has always drawn me to the craft. But it can be so nice to connect with other sewers. We are so fortunate in the 21st century to be able to do this online, but there is nothing like being able to sit with fellow sewists and talk about and do what we love so much. I guess that back in the day this was called a sewing circle

The cookie quilt! My mod cookie
is one down from the top right.

My traditional cookie block.

  Some attendees of Tacony's
Common Threads event.

I am at the Common Threads event in St. Louis, Mo., at the Tacony headquarters, and last night 37 bloggers, editors, and publishers gathered at their gorgeous training facility to meet, many of us for the first time. Among them, were new fellow co-workers from my company's recent acquisition, so that was definitely a huge bonus to be able to just hang with new colleagues from Iowa and Colorado. (I live in New York and my office is in Boston!) And then to meet so many other industry professionals, both newcomers and big names, was just incredible. It really feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We will be spending the next two days sewing together and sharing ideas, but we spent last night decorating cookies. The Tacony team had brought in several dozen frosted, square sugar cookies from St. Louis Sweets for us to decorate and create a quilt. We had all sorts of pastry tools at our disposal, including an airbrush!

After taking my first stab at traditional decoration, I had to try the airbrush and I was envisioning this splendid metallic creation, kind of like the vans from the 1970s. Well, give me a tool and I will break it, and my metallics immediately clogged up the poor, overworked airbrush. (The line to airbrush was six people deep!) After a brief rest, I was able to complete the cookie, done in a very mod metallic pink and deep black and placed it alongside all of the other dozens of beautiful creations.

It was brilliant to sit with fellows sewists and get to know them by doing something that was so creative, yet not sewing. I loved the conversations and the connections. Today we will be doing lots of sewing and I can't wait to see what the day will bring.

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Do you already have a community you sew or connect with, online or in person? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!

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6 thoughts on “Finding Your Sewing Community

  1. I need help!!!!

    I am a reasonable sewer and usually do not have trouble with patterns and figuring things out……..however…..the Eco Tote by Lisa Cox(free downloads) is stumping me????
    The instructions on the bag says:
    7) baste the lower edges together…….
    8) cut a piece of bias tape…12″long. Unfold the tape and pin to the bag lower edge, right sides together and raw edges aligned; tape will extend 1″beyond each end.Stitch the tape in place along the fold line. Turn bag over.Fold both ends of the bias tae to the wrong side along the bag sides. Refold the tape along its creases enclosing the bag raw edges and pin n place.Edge stitch along the folded edge of the tape through all layers.

    Okay ….I am just not getting it?????

  2. Language does make a difference, though in this case probably not a huge one in the grand scheme of things. I do agree with Marie Jan, that “sewist” sounds so pretentious. If I used that term in my circle of sewing friends, they’d laugh out loud.

  3. Sew Crazy is my sewing community in Johnson City, TN.
    Sew Crazy is a group of sewing enthusiasts who gather once a month to sew items for a local charitable organizations . There is no cost as we work from donated supplies . In addition to projects, Sew Crazy’s mission is to promote the history, passion and education of sewing and fiber arts .We have taught girl scouts and members of Girl’s Inc.
    Past projects include: Mastectomy aprons, stuffed animals for CASA, bathrobes for a women’s domestic shelter, Valentines for Veterans, premature infant burial gowns, dog coats for the shelter , personal items for a homeless shelter & others.
    Check us out!