Are You Ready to Learn a New Technique This Spring? I Am!

My next hand-sewing project:
Scrappy English Paper Piecing
Pillow by Joanna Wilczynska
from Modern Patchwork Spring 2013

Boy, do I have it good! Because Stitch magazine shares offices with Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines, I am surrounded by my own committee of sewing and mixed-media experts). We have a short show-and-tell session each Tuesday morning and you should see all of the amazing projects that everyone brings in. Which only puts more pressure on me to produce, but in a good and inspiring way.

So now that I have decided to tackle quilting, I naturally turned to the QA team for advice. How lucky am I? To get any answers to my burning quilting questions, I just have to walk down the hall.

Last week I was asking how you find time to sew, and I got some really great comments. One of the most common responses was to carve out a few minutes each day, no matter how little, and stand back in wonder and watch the finished projects roll in. I loved that idea, especially when combined with working on portable hand-sewing projects.

I marched straight over to QA Assistant Editor Kristine Lundblad, who was furiously working at getting those last pages of Modern Patchwork Spring 2013 off to press. As soon as I mentioned that I needed a good portable quilting project, she told me about one of the new projects in Modern Patchwork: the Scrappy English Paper Piecing Pillow by Joanna Wilczynska. She made me copies of the templates and pointed me to where I could print out the project. I got a sneak preview! Pretty awesome.

I had already seen some English paper piecing samples from the week before when QA editor Vivika DeNegre had brought in some little projects she had been working on. Vivika had also mentioned the convenience and portability of English paper piecing–you work with rough-cut scraps and wrap fabrics around the paper templates to piece, rather than stitching them to it.

I am going to start working on that English paper piecing pillow project very soon (right after we ship out Stitch with Style next week!). I can't wait to learn something completely new and share it with you!

For your own sneak preview of Modern Patchwork Spring 2013, you can pre-order a copy in the Sew Daily Shop.

I think it's so important to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone in sewing and learn a new technique. I hope you will join me in learning a new technique this spring, something you've never done before! What will you make? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!

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One thought on “Are You Ready to Learn a New Technique This Spring? I Am!

  1. For years I’ve wanted to learn to make a hidden placket for buttons. I just cut apart a pair of coveralls my son had bought for a Halloween project that has such a placket and also found an online post re: how to fold the fabric. So now all I need is some quiet time to make up a couple of mock plackets!