Try the New Sew Daily eBook: 5 FREE Artistic Pillow Cover and Pillow Patterns

Feb 22, 2013

I am so pleased to introduce the new Sew Daily eBook: 5 FREE Artistic Pillow Cover and Pillow Patterns.

Art of Bleach Pillow
by Carol Zentgraf

Fabulous Floor Pillow
by Kay Whitt 


Chrysanthemum Pillow
by Tricia Waddell

We know how much you love pillow projects, and this free eBook offers you five gorgeous pillow projects that you can create for your home and gifts.

The Art of Bleach Pillow by Carol Zentgraf lets you get artistic with stencils and bleach to give denim pillows two unique looks. One pillow features bleached leaves, which the other shows a reverse effect with the background bleached and free-motion stitching to highlight the simple batik technique.

The Fabulous Floor Pillow by Kay Whitt is a quilted pillow with pretty scalloped edging that is perfect for lounging on the floor in style. Five coordinating prints make a bold statement, and the fabric covered buttons and scalloped back closure are the perfect finishing details.

The Fly-Away Pillow by Melissa Frantz is created from stenciled fabric paint and handstitching that make happy red balloons on this comfy cotton-canvas pillow. Use a print for the envelope back and design your own corded piping as the final touch.

The Chrysanthemum Pillow by former Stitch editor Tricia Waddell creates instant elegance with an Asian-inspired silk pillow featuring a ruffled flower centerpiece. Use gathering lengths of ribbon yarn to create spiral ruffles and luxurious texture, then add a contrasting fabric on the pillow back for a tie closure.

Finally, the Cute-as-a-Button Pillow layers small coordinating buttons for a modern detail that turns a plain linen pillow into a stylish room accent. Add simple knife pleats and a tea-dyed background for the buttons  and then stuff it with 100% cotton filling.

I just love these patterns and am already trying to decide which one I will make first. And I hope you love them just as much!

Check out the new Sew Daily eBook Sewing Pillows: 5 FREE Artistic Pillow Cover and Pillow Patterns.

Happy stitching,

Amber Eden










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